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Reason for This Site

The reason I created this site is to share all of the information that Mr. Reavis has saved all these years and to give us a place to reconnect with our band mates from the past. How it Started: In May 2006 someone posted on the class of 1974 reunion website about the previous directors of the THS band being invited to direct a march at the final concert of the school year. I maintain the reunion website and was informed by email that someone posted on the guest book. I attended the concert and afterwards talked to Mr. Reavis for a couple of minutes at most. A few days later I located his address in Tyler, Texas and sent him a letter. A week later I received an envelope from Tyler. When I opened it I found nearly 50 pages of documents from our 1971-72 season. A little while later he sent another 50 pages or so from the 1971-72 school year.

After receiving those documents I wanted to share the documents with my band mates. I was considering creating a website to make those available. I went to Tyler and had lunch with Mr. Reavis and spent the afternoon with him. I returned with more documents and CDs with recordings of music that we performed. That is when I made the decision to start the website, but have it represent the history of the THS Band as those first years created many traditions that were followed for many years to come. After I got the site underway I started locating as many of you as I could.

So that is how this site came to be. It all started from John Donner the Director of Bands at that time inviting Mr. Reavis to the concert in May and the posting on the Class of 1974 reunion website. If it was not for those two events, this site would not exist. I would really like to know who posted on the Class of 1974 reunion website as they too are part of getting this started.

If any of you have photos, documents or stories then please pass them on to me so I can include them on OUR website. I hope you find the website informative and maybe you can even reconnect with an old band mate or two.

I started playing the cornet again in November 2005 after nearly 32 years of inactivity. I joined Southlake Community Band in February 2006. I encourage each of you to consider picking up your instruments again and start playing. I am so relaxed when I am playing and I can't begin to tell you how much joy I get from not only the concerts, but the rehearsals also. I really miss all of the marching drills and followup demerit drills I just loved receiving. NOT!!

If you have any suggestions for the website then send me an email.

Wes Stewart
Any comments, ideas, photos, stories, etc. Please email me.
Wes Stewart Class of THS 1974

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