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Early History About THS Band

In the spring of 1968, Mr. Reavis was selected to be the first Director of Bands as well as Trinity's Director of Fine Arts; positions he held until the end of the 1972 school year. Before the official opening of Trinity H.S., Mr. Reavis composed the music and words for the Trinity High School Alma Mater and Fight Song.

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The following history is from the man himself, Mr. Will Reavis.

Before school started:

Before THS was constructed, a line was drawn on the school district map by the School Board to determine which students would attend L.D. Bell and which students would attend Trinity High School. During the spring of 1968, those sophomore students at L.D. Bell that lived on the Trinity side of the district were given a choice of finishing high school at L.D. Bell or transferring to Trinity to attend their junior and senior years.

After those students made their choice, we only received eight band students that would be Juniors at Trinity when school opened in the fall of 1968. Two additional students were "move-ins" from other parts of the state so that gave us only 10 Juniors, that first year Trinity would only have 9th - 11th graders and subsequently we were really a Freshman-Sophomore Band even school for that fact.

First Hurdle:

With the lack of junior and senior students also created a problem for the Band because it had been decided the school would not compete in UIL until the next school year '69-70. I spoke to Principal B.J. Murray about the band competing in UIL, that year, but he he said the rest of the school was not competing in UIL and I would have to get School Board approval. I felt those kids deserved a chance and we needed the experience of UIL competition so I went to the School Board and requested that they allow the Band to enter UIL, the School Board agreed.

Second Hurdle:

I thought the School Board's decision was a victory until we had our first summer rehearsal in the Euless Junior High Band Hall, a lot of hard work was needed. We used the EJH band hall until school started and then we moved to our new "band hall", it was the weight room, connected to the gym. It had a tile floor, all brick walls, and a very tall ceiling which gave it terrible acoustics, if that's not bad enough one of the basketball goals was on the opposite side of one of the walls. I was young and thought, this will work for a short time until the Band Hall is finished, but that didn't happen until November.

Funny Note:

We needed shelves for all of the instruments. I went with students to the work site trash-wood piles and picked up scrap pieces of lumber, took it to the Weight Room and proceeded, with students, to build make-shift instrument shelving, starting during 5th or 6th period. Before school closed for the day, principal B.J. Murray came into the room yelling, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I responded: "Building the instrument shelving." He said, "Stop right now because the entire site work crew has loaded up and walked off the job because of non-union labor working on the job site!" oops, we never thought that would have been a problem. The Union work crew didn't return until the next afternoon as the "non-union" labor stopped hammering. We were delayed building our shelves by two or three days because we had to continued our hammering around 7pm after the "union" workers had safely departed the premises.

The first recordings of the band I made of our UIL Marching Contest practice were made on a small recorder from the Library, we didn't even have our recording equipment at the time. Upon reviewing those recordings again and again I thought, "UIL? what have I gotten myself into?"

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Will Reavis
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