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From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  8/1/2012  |  4:30:07 PM
When is the next band reunion? I would really like to get together with all of the Trinity High originals.

From:   DouglasHale - Registered (Class 1970) Date Posted:  7/17/2011  |  12:26:07 PM
I am glad I found this web site. I miss the "good ole days" when I was in band. I played percussion. Carried a bass drum in marching band and played the kettle drums, chimes and other percussion instruments. I really enjoyed being in the band. All that marching helped after I enlisted into the Air Force! It's a great feeling to reconnect with all my band mates.

From:   DarylDalton - Registered (Class 1988) Date Posted:  4/1/2010  |  9:40:47 PM
Hey all you THS Band alumni! I am offering a service where I will compile customized CD's or DVD's for you from my vast array of wind ensemble performances and marching shows from my collection featuring the Trinity High School Symphonic I & II Bands from 1977 to 1989, the Trinity High Jazz Bands from 1985-87, and the Harwood Junior High Symphonic Band from 1982 to 1985. If you are interested in finding out more, please visit to see a list of 100+ recordings and videos to choose from. And to clarify, I am not selling the music, just my editing and customization of your chosen performances. (The music is free) Any questions? Please email me at

From:   Sherry Wheeless Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  10/7/2009  |  7:48:51 AM
Mike, thanks for your nice comments! It's great to know that we all have fond memories of band. However, Trinity is NOT going to Indy, that I know of. They are competing at BOA at Arlington (this Sat. the 10th) and San Antonio (Sat. Oct. 24). Best of luck to your son's band, that must be so exciting! I bet they will shine if you drilled them the way WE were drilled! Take care and we do hope to see you down this way some day!

From:   Sherry Wheeless Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  10/7/2009  |  7:45:21 AM
ATTENTION ALL TRINITY BAND ALUMNI: Due to both Bell and Trinity bands traveling to BOA in San Antonio on October 24, help is needed at the UIL Area Marching Contest, which Bell and Trinity host. Help is needed in all areas, including passing out water, parking lot attendants, hospitality (bringing snacks), check-in, and so forth. It would only take a couple of hours of your time that day. Please contact me if you can help. Thanks!!!

From:   MichaelRobberson - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  10/7/2009  |  12:13:45 AM
I would so much like to attend the events on 10/23. However, my son is in the Williamstown, NJ band, and they have their very first BOA competiton in West Chester, PA that weekend. The Williamstown band is the reigning Atlantic Coast Champions (Maine to Florida, and west to Ohio and Georgia). "Mac" (band director) asked me a few weeks ago a question that had me "so excited"....ha. He asked: You are from Texas. Have you ever heard of a school (near Dallas.....everything in Texas is "near Dallas" here in NJ) call TRINITY? They are the class of Group 7 BOA....I want to beat them in Indy!! When I quit laughing....I told him "good luck".....Hustle, do it again.....and again....and again! (Then, I showed him "early years" pictures of THS!!)....As a retired Marine, and a graduate of the "early years", I teach drill, and drill, and WHS band...and there are really only 2 to march and march to play....all lines straight and run! There is no 6-to-5 here...ha....move it! Hustle, do it again! We are doing "Carmen" this year....exciting show...(and yes, the kids hate the ballad, but love the rest!!) I so hope to see the THS band in Indy this year!! You will love the show from WHS "Carmen"...a small Group 4...but a sound far beyond....the WHS motto you will hear "there is no band we fear, we march along, sing our song...there is no band we fear" For all those "roughly" 55-57 years of age.....we know that sound!! I have to say, it was a funny exercise I did in Graduate School one year. The Dean of the Engineering school was the instructor, and she asked us to name the 10 most influential people in our lives....those people that had an influence on how we act, how we think, and how we relate to society. Do you know all 10 were THS "early years alumni"?? Will Reavis, of course. Taught me more discipline than 22 years in the Marines. Then my friends and confidants: Steve Hill, David Hall, Rich Johnson, Donna Weigel, Carol Caldwell, Vicki Fink, Paula McNeese, Sherry Wheeless, Gerald Houy, and Susan Browning. Even today, I cherish their friendship and fondly recall the closeness we all had. (Thanks folks!!).....your village made a productive citizen...(Ok, knock it off!!)...I will return "home" one day soon....yall got old, but not me!!

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  10/4/2009  |  9:34:04 AM
Trinity High School Homecoming game October 23, 2009. We are again invited to site with the band and play if we desire. Please let me know if you plan to sit with us and if you want to play as I need to give Mario a head count.

From:   DarylDalton - Registered (Class 1988) Date Posted:  7/4/2009  |  7:15:55 PM
Now you can download the following Marching Shows from for free: 1987, 1986, 1985, 1984 (audio), and 1983 (audio) Check out my new & improved page, as well as my Youtube channel, where you can view 160+ THS, UT, & HJH videos (music performances set to various visuals) If you visit, please SIGN MY GUESTBOOK.

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  6/11/2009  |  1:46:19 PM
Let me try that again: The previous post was all run together! PRIZE A DAY CALENDAR--Packets will be distributed to the students on August 12th and collected on August 26th. This was a huge success in 2008! Students will sell a Sept. 2009 Calendar with a very nice prize, such as gift cards, free services, event tickets, etc. for each day of the month. Drawings will be held and the winners notified daily. The Calendar sells for $10.00, with $1.00 pr calendar going to the Booster Club and $9.00 to the students Band Fee account. A large number of band members were able to pay a sizable portion of their band fees or earn money toward the Spring Band Trip with this effort. However! We are in need of prizes for this fundraiser, so we are asking our parents and students to seek donations during the months of June and July. Examples would be gift cards from restaurants, video and game software stores, photography studios, hair/nail salons and spas, specialty stores, etc. Please contact Janie Royse for additional information or if you are able to assist with the fundraiser. CAR WASHAugust 15th Due to the number of students in Guard and Band, we would love to have a carwash at two locations on this Saturday from 9am-3pm. At this time, we have had no luck finding a business willing to donate its water access and parking lot for the fundraiser. If you have any suggestions or know of someone in the Trinity zone who might provide the facility to hold a carwash, contact any one of the Booster Club Officers. BAKE SALEFriday, Sept. 4th Parents needed to sell items during the three lunch periods at Trinity. Sign up at August meeting. SPECIAL EVENT RAFFLE Friday, Sept.18th, at the Allen vs. Trinity football game. Tickets will be sold before the game and half-time by PARENTS ONLY, for a chance to win a luxury prize. We are hoping to obtain a donation of any of the following types of items: a weekend at a local resort such as The Gaylord Texan, The Great Wolf Lodge, the new Ft. Worth Omni Hotel; a round of golf for four at The Cowboys Golf Club; tickets and parking passes to a Cowboys game, etc. If we could get one or more of these items, even better! We are again asking if we have any of our parents who might have connections to improve our ability to obtain these highly sought after items. Contact Janie Royse if you have information or are willing to help with this particular fundraiser. TRINITY ROAST THE EAGLES TAIL-GATE PARTY4pm-6:30pm Friday Sept.18th Trinity Parking Lot by the Band Hall Tickets will be sold to students, faculty, parents and friends to join the Band and Guard for a Barbecue prior to Allen vs. Trinity game. If you would like to help with this event, please contact: David Caster, Ron Craig, or any Booster Club Officer MARCHFEST- Saturday, Sept. 26th Were calling it our March-a-thon with a Twist. We would like to have the Band march a shorter distance, but end up to perform for donations at Pennington Field/Central Park in Bedford. Hoping to create a carnival-type event, perhaps with vendors from local businesses, with additional performances from Jr. high pep bands, games, food and fun. A planning meeting will be held in mid-July, specific date TBD. We will need the help of as many people as possible to make this a success. Please contact Janie Royse if you would like to attend the meeting. If there is not enough interest in mounting this type of event, we will keep to the traditional format. HEB MARCHING CONTEST-Saturday, Oct.17th another shared event with the Bell Band. Booster Club members will be need to work shifts in all the service areas. Sign- up sheets and additional information will be available at the October 5th BC meeting.

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  6/11/2009  |  1:43:02 PM
Here is the scoop on this year's THS Band Fundraisers. If you are able to make any of these, they would very much appreciate it! Thanks! Prize a Day Calendar--Packets will be distributed to the students on August 12th and collected on August 26th. This was a huge success in 2008! Students will sell a Sept. 2009 Calendar with a very nice prize, such as gift cards, free services, event tickets, etc. for each day of the month. Drawings will be held and the winners notified daily. The Calendar sells for $10.00, with $1.00 pr calendar going to the Booster Club and $9.00 to the students Band Fee account. A large number of band members were able to pay a sizable portion of their band fees or earn money toward the Spring Band Trip with this effort. However! We are in need of prizes for this fundraiser, so we are asking our parents and students to seek donations during the months of June and July. Examples would be gift cards from restaurants, video and game software stores, photography studios, hair/nail salons and spas, specialty stores, etc. Please contact Janie Royse for additional information or if you are able to assist with the fundraiser. Car WashAugust 15th Due to the number of students in Guard and Band, we would love to have a carwash at two locations on this Saturday from 9am-3pm. At this time, we have had no luck finding a business willing to donate its water access and parking lot for the fundraiser. If you have any suggestions or know of someone in the Trinity zone who might provide the facility to hold a carwash, contact any one of the Booster Club Officers. Bake SaleFriday, Sept. 4th Parents needed to sell items during the three lunch periods at Trinity. Sign up at August meeting. Special Event Raffle Friday, Sept.18th, at the Allen vs. Trinity football game. Tickets will be sold before the game and half-time by PARENTS ONLY, for a chance to win a luxury prize. We are hoping to obtain a donation of any of the following types of items: a weekend at a local resort such as The Gaylord Texan, The Great Wolf Lodge, the new Ft. Worth Omni Hotel; a round of golf for four at The Cowboys Golf Club; tickets and parking passes to a Cowboys game, etc. If we could get one or more of these items, even better! We are again asking if we have any of our parents who might have connections to improve our ability to obtain these highly sought after items. Contact Janie Royse if you have information or are willing to help with this particular fundraiser. Trinity Roast the Eagles Tail-gate Party4pm-6:30pm Friday Sept.18th Trinity Parking Lot by the Band Hall Tickets will be sold to students, faculty, parents and friends to join the Band and Guard for a Barbecue prior to Allen vs. Trinity game. If you would like to help with this event, please contact: David Caster, Ron Craig, or any Booster Club Officer HEB Drumline Clinic-Saturday Sept.19th at Pennington Field This is a shared event with Bell. We ask our Booster Club members to volunteer for 2 hr. or more shifts helping with Registration, parking, escorts, tickets, etc. There will be a sign up sheet with more information at the August 31st Booster Club meeting. MARCHFEST- Saturday, Sept. 26th Were calling it our March-a-thon with a Twist. We would like to have the Band march a shorter distance, but end up to perform for donations at Pennington Field/Central Park in Bedford. Hoping to create a carnival-type event, perhaps with vendors from local businesses, with additional performances from Jr. high pep bands, games, food and fun. A planning meeting will be held in mid-July, specific date TBD. We will need the help of as many people as possible to make this a success. Please contact Janie Royse if you would like to attend the meeting. If there is not enough interest in mounting this type of event, we will keep to the traditional format. HEB Marching Contest-Saturday, Oct.17th another shared event with the Bell Band. Booster Club members will be need to work shifts in all the service areas. Sign- up sheets and additional information will be available at the October 5th BC meeting.

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  6/7/2009  |  11:01:51 PM
Wes asked me to give this report. I attended the Trinity Band Booster meeting Friday night, June 5 as the alumni rep. It looks like the THS band is in for a very exciting year! They had a 3-day band camp, mostly for the benefit of the sophomores, but all classes attended. In just that short time, Mr. Casanova has seen progress. They have already played all the way through the first movement of their show. He said the "young ones" are catching on very fast to the drills and the exercises. There are 80-90 new sophomores this year, bringing the total number of band members to around 170. The color guard increased from 15 to 27. He said they will march 88 winds, leaving a good number of alternates to draw from. Add the battery, color guard, pit and drum majors and that makes a pretty large and powerful group on the field! The best news is that he says they are "hungry" and can't wait to go to the Birdville Marching Contest on October 3rd and "kick some butt". He didn't give a lot of details about the show, only that the tempo is very fast and that they will be using props that have "anything to do with tools or an auto mechanic shop". He is such a tease!!! And, guess where their very first performance of the year will be on September 7? The new Cowboy Stadium!!!! Its for the Kirk Herbstreit Varsity Football series and Trinity is playing against a team from Utah. I think we should get up a bunch and go. We'll need a lot of people in one car to be able to afford the dang parking!!! As far as competitions go, they will be doing Birdville on October 3, BOA in Arlington on October 10, HEB Marching contest on October 17, UIL on October 20, BOA San Antonio on October 24 and Duncanville Marching Contest on October 31. So basically, every Saturday in October, they will be at a marching competition somewhere. And, of course, Homecoming is October 23. Last year, Mr. Casanova revived the jazz band program at Trinity. He told us that after practice he told the kids that anyone interested in being in jazz band this next year could meet with him in the media room when they were finished that day. He said he was mobbed! So many kids came that he said they will probably have two jazz bands next year. It looks like the Trinity Band is on its way back up and I'm excited! I think we should start an all-out campaign to get more alumni involved; if not physically, at least financially. We have 40 years worth of alumni to draw from and that could be a powerful financial backing of these kids. The band fees are $450. Having brought a kid through the band program as a single mom, I can understand how tough it is for some to afford that. So please consider making a financial contribution. The Band Booster club is a 501c(3) organization,so all contributions are tax deductible. We were so well received last year and they are excited about our involvement this year. Also needed are donations of bottled water. And it's cheap!! You can get a 24 pack at Kroger for around $5 or $6. So please consider making this contribution. You'll be glad you did! The band parents and directors have welcomed us with open arms and are very grateful for our contributions and our moral support. We would LOVE to see more alumni involvement. So come on!!!!

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  6/2/2009  |  6:58:46 AM
I think Scott ought to write a book. I felt like I was there after reading his rendition of the goings on. Even brought back some memories about the band banquets from years and years gone by. Thanks Scott.

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  6/1/2009  |  1:10:48 PM
OOPS! That's A-L-U-M-N-I!

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  6/1/2009  |  1:10:15 PM
I believe the Tommies were so named in honor of Tommy Neugent, who came after Will Reavis and was there for many years--any alumi from that era care to confirm or deny?

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  5/21/2009  |  3:48:56 PM
The 2008-09 THS Band invited some of the early years alumni to their band banquet on May 16th. Sherry Wheeless-Colgrove (1971), Holly Harris-Pontier (1973), Scott Van Wyckhouse (1972) and Wes Stewart (1974) attended the banquet and everyone had a great time. I will post some pictures in a few days.

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  11/10/2008  |  10:33:06 AM
It was great fun, I might add! Even though I didn't walk the whole way, I still enjoyed being a part of it. The tubas were very entertaining. The morale of the whole band was high and it was just great being around them.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  11/9/2008  |  10:14:32 AM
Several of us participated in the THS March-A-Thon 2008. We Started at Lakewoord Elementary, played a mini concert at the VFW on 157 for veterans celebrating Veterans Day, then headed east down Ash Lane then came back through Trailwood and finally back to Lakewood Elementary. Alumni in attendance were Gary Caughey (1970), Sherry Wheeless (1971), Rober Taylor (1971), Mark Ferrell (1975), Jason Ferrell (2001) and Wes Stewart (1974).

From:   Terri Bright Date Posted:  10/5/2008  |  7:44:33 PM
Hey Gang! I can't attend Homecomming this year due to a broken foot. (OUCH!) I DO have a red Trinity Band shirt that we wore last year to homecomming. It IS engraved with "The Early Years". I only wore it once, due to it was larger than I expected it to fit! It IS an XL, but it's more of a man's XL than a woman's. I intend to purchase a large (NOT engraved) later, but for now, I'l selling the "early years" XL. Again, there is nothing wrong with the shirt. It's just too big for me...was then. IF you want it, email me!!! - Terri

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  10/5/2008  |  11:01:56 AM
Ok boys and girls, the homecoming game is Friday the 10th and our Early Years Band get-together is Saturday the 11th. Please email me asap and let me know if you are going to join us for either of these events. Also please come join Gary, Rober and myself for our concert in Southlake at the town center. The Southlake Communit Band plays at 7:30pm and bring your lawn chair.

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  9/2/2008  |  1:47:23 PM
Welcome Brad and Daryl! Daryl, great idea, preserving the music from your era like that! I can't tell you what a thrill it was to hear the recordings from the Reavis era again after 30 years. It really brought back some great memories! I'll be sure to check out your website.

From:   DarylDalton - Registered (Class 1988) Date Posted:  9/1/2008  |  9:30:16 PM
For those THS alumni that are interested, I have compiled recordings in MP3 format of several dozen performances of the THS band from 1983 to 1989. They are available for download at Also on my site: THS jazz from 1985-1987, photographs, many scanned programs from concerts, audition results. If you have any recordings that you would like to add to my site, please contact me. My email address is on the website.

From:   DonnaRodgers-Montgomery - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  8/29/2008  |  1:11:44 PM
Hey, when did I grow up? Since I never had kids, I could feel young and not have reminders of growing old, such as kids graduating from high school and beyond. Then Daryl Dalton joined, who I taught when he was in second grade. Then Brad Williamson joined, who I babysat as our families grew up as neighbors. Hello and welcome to both of you. I'll deal with the age reminder, but please be kind to your elders. Ha ha!

From:   Brad Williamson Date Posted:  8/26/2008  |  7:49:53 PM
Just found your website. I was a THS band member from '76 - '79, the Tom Nugent years, but I remember Mr. Reavis' name well from our great school song and from when I was growing up in Euless (living next door to the Rogers family). Great site! It brought back memories hearing the school song played like it should be played. I guess the band has kind of taken a few small steps backwards in the last couple of years but, hopefully, it'll be back as good as in the past. Keep up the good work. Too bad alumni from our years at Trinity never thought of this idea.

From:   RobertTaylor - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  8/10/2008  |  3:00:53 PM
Do you wish you had a marching band opportunity? I know I dont. I always preferred concert season over marching season. I know many of you liked to march so I often thought it was too bad they dont have marching opportunities for adults. I know Gary, Wes and I have enjoyed playing in the Southlake Community Band. Why dont they have a community organization for adults who enjoyed marching?

Today, I found out they do. Some members of the FBC Euless orchestra were telling me that they would be missing some Sunday services because they participate in an All-Age drum and bugle corps in Denton, Frontier Drum & Bugle Corps. They are very enthusiastic about it and said they have some 50 somethings who participate. I thought Id pass this on in case anyone is interested.

From:   Sherry Wheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  8/10/2008  |  9:23:32 AM
Hey, everyone, I met the new Trinity band director last week and I was very impressed. I think he is going to be a very refreshing change for the Trojan Band. I hope some of ya'll can come check them out. I have signed up to be a Band Booster volunteer, so I'll probably be at quite a few games and of course most of the competitions. Mr. Casanova is very enthused about alumni involvement, so let's make it a point to show our support. Participate in the March-a-Thon, even if just financially, buy a calendar or spirit wear, do whatever you can to support our "kids". That's the way I see them, little "hatchlings" of the organization that WE started. JUST DO IT!!!!! I hope to see many of you at the reunion! Sherry (am I passionate or what?) Colgrove

From:   KennJohnston - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  7/18/2008  |  7:49:01 PM
Carol, David, John.... Nanette and I pray you find comfort in good memories and the outpouring of love and respect we all feel for you and your family. As we live longer and are asked to "stand in the gap" for those who go before, isn't it remarkable how some of those gaps seem so immense and hard to fill? Your father must have left such a gap. A big hug and squeeze to you all.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  7/5/2008  |  12:57:21 PM
The date for the 2008 Early Years Band Reunion is set for Saturday October 11, 2008. This is the day after the THS Homecoming game. Early Years members that are registered should login and answer the questionnaire.

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  6/21/2008  |  7:49:14 AM
TRINITY BAND WEBSITE IS NEW & IMPROVED!!! Everyone, click the "Current THS Band Website" link to see the new website rolled out last night. It's GREAT, and devotes a whole page to the alumni. I have a feeling this is gonna be a great year for the band!

From:   Mary Ann Slaughter Ray - Registered (Class 1975) Date Posted:  6/10/2008  |  4:43:25 PM
John, I just read of your father's passing and I am so sorry to learn of this. He was, truly, a great supporter of his kids. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

From:   Will Reavis Date Posted:  5/5/2008  |  9:19:46 PM
Carol, David, and John: We are so sorry to hear of your father's death and please know that all of you and your families are in our thoughts and prayers. Your dad was a great supporter of our band program and we know that he was so very proud of each of you. Lydia and I want to extend our heartfelt condolences. My mother died of colon cancer 2004 and we certainly understand what you are going through. Just know that you are a part of our band family and all of us are thinking of you.

From:   Terri Bright Date Posted:  5/5/2008  |  1:12:52 AM
John, please pass along to your family my sincere condolences. I went to school with Glenn (he was 2 years older than me). Terri (Rodgers) Bright

From:   JohnCaldwell Date Posted:  4/27/2008  |  11:47:28 PM
For all of the THS band alumni who remember band parent Robert "Bob" Caldwell, I am sad to tell you of his death last Thursday, April 24, from colon cancer. I am sorry that I didn't post something sooner, but it's hard to remember to do everything that I intended. I think my Dad really enjoyed our years in the band and all of the freinds we made. He and my Mom went to quite a few football games and all of our concerts. Dad was always supportive of our interest in music. A few months ago Wes accepted my request for him to play Taps at the funeral. Instead, Bluebonnet Hills Cemetary in Colleyville is providing a U.S.Navy honor guard with a bugler to play Taps. I am ever grateful to Wes for his kind offer. Dad's obituary was in the Saturday, April 26, Star Telegram and is also posted on the Bluebonnet Hills web site. Again, I am sorry for not having posted this sooner. John Caldwell

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  3/27/2008  |  10:28:36 PM
2nd annual THS Band The Early Years Reunion is in the planning stage. This time it will be on a lower scale. Please contact everyone and especially those that did not make it last time and convince them they don't want to miss out this time. I expect the cost to be below $20 per person.

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  3/22/2008  |  11:26:21 PM
HAPPY EASTER, everyone! - Terri

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  3/22/2008  |  11:26:00 PM
Yes, Sherry. That's what I was trying to say, but messed up royally!!! - Terri

From:   Sherry Wheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  3/22/2008  |  11:06:07 AM
It is the 41st marching contest, but the 40th anniversary of the first marching contest, yes?

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  3/9/2008  |  9:04:34 AM
Thank you to BOTH Will and Wes!!! The two of you said very well, what I tried unsuccessfully 3 times to state. Evidence my mind IS going!!! Hugs to all - Terri

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  3/8/2008  |  8:24:02 PM
Ok, let me state some facts:
  • The first school year for Trinity High School was 1968-69
  • The first UIL trophy was the Marching Band that same year
  • The first graduating class was the school year 1969-70
Now, lets think intuitively and put our math skills to work:
  • The 2008-09 school year will be the 41st school year of THS
  • The 2008-09 school year will be the 40th year with seniors
Conclusion: The UIL marching contest in 2008 will be the 41st UIL marching contest that Trinity High School will attend. Therefore I think the banner should read "CELEBRATING 41 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE!"

From:   WillReavis Date Posted:  3/8/2008  |  7:10:23 PM
Hi Gang, If you will read The History of the T.H.S Band section on the website you will have most of your questions answered. In the fall of 1968 the THS Band brought home a 1st Division in Marching. This was the FIRST UIL Trophy earned for Trinity!!! All other organizations at THS were considered Jr. Varsity and choose not to compete in UIL events! In order to make this happen I had to make my case with the HEB School Board. With the help of Mr. Longwell the Board gave us the green light compete in ALL UIL EVENTS!!! I encourage ALL OF YOU to take the time to read The History of the THS Band !!! ENJOY, Will Reavis

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  3/6/2008  |  1:27:30 PM
OK....I FINALLY figured out where I went off. This year WAS still the 40th year the school has been open. Not sure what year the BAND first went to contest. 68/69 to 77/78 was the first 10 years I know, because my first year at Trinity, they were saying we were BEGINNING year 10 at Trinity. Sooo...87/88 was year 20, 97/98 year 30, and 07/08 IS the 40th year of the school. Since there were NO Seniors, this year will mark the 39th graduating class. Sooo...did you guys march in 68??? if so... we will have to celebrate "OVER 40 years of Excellence" next year. WHEW!!! I thought the mind was going for a while, there!!! - Terri

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  3/6/2008  |  12:55:21 PM
OK....I was obviously OFF by a year, as I got an email!!! You guys are RIGHT... NEXT year is year #40. OOPS!!! - Terri

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  3/6/2008  |  8:45:16 AM
OK...I got a question. If the first year of the school/band was the 67/68 school year, THIS year (07/08) marks 40 years. Sooo...technically, wouldn't next year be considered 41 years of excellence??? - Terri

From:   DonnaRodgers-Montgomery - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  2/13/2008  |  11:00:23 AM
Great idea about "40 Years of Excellence." Thanks for thinking of this, Sherry, and count me in. Just tell me when and where.

From:   Old Man Houy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  2/12/2008  |  10:23:53 AM
Sorry about that. You are correct, it was 1968 (I was thinking about the senior class that we did not have for that year which would have been the class of 1969). I have duly chastised myself and will be more careful next time. I missed my medication that day and the fellers in white coats caught up to me later anyway. I'm still trying to copy just that one portion of the DVD onto a computer to send to Wes so that he can distribute as necessary. I figured that none of you wanted to see my family's home movies from the 60's and 70's. I'm somewhat slow in this new fangle technology, but I'll get it.

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  2/11/2008  |  10:37:31 AM
It was 1968, Mr. Houy and I was just thinking today that this next fall will be the 40th anniversary of that amazing event. We have GOT to commemmorate that somehow. I plan on taking the day off and attending the UIL Marching competition. Perhaps others can join me and we can all go out for dinner afterwards? It would be neat to make a big banner that says something like "CELEBRATING 40 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE!" and hold it up for the Trinity Band to see. It would be so great to have a cheering section bigger than the parents; maybe even those of us who had kids in the Trinity Band can get them to come. I dunno, I just think we need to celebrate it one way or the other. anyone else with some ideas?

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  1/29/2008  |  11:44:23 AM
Forgive my spelling in my previous entry. Age has taken it's toll on my vision and dexterity with the key board. Anyway, my mom just sent me a DVD that was made up of a collection of old 8mm movies my family made. One of the movies was of our UIL marching competition that first time in 1969 at the stadium on TCU campus. I remember taking the camera with me and giving it to the student teacher working under Will at that time. It is only about a minute or 2 of the performance because of the limited length of the film available in the camera, but it looks really good. The pictures were taken from the upper deck of the stadium so you get a good overall view of a portion of the performance. It was really amazing to see what we accomplished in as short time we had to prepare for the competition. And we got a 1 for that performance. I'm going to see if I can save just that portion of the DVD to my computer. If I can, I will send to Wes as a video file. More later.

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  1/14/2008  |  7:47:37 AM
I add my concrats to you also, Will. It is not surprising, though. I thought it was funny in reading your comments about the website in that there are more than 100 members registered on the site. Isn't that more than were in the band the first year? If you could take a small band like that (one tuba as I recall) and a few weeks practice to a UIL competition and do as well as we did, you can motivate people to do anything. Thanks again and Happy New Year to all.

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  1/11/2008  |  5:06:00 PM
WR...Huge congrats on 4 students making State!!! I'm certain NONE of us are surprised at this accomplishment. Afterall, I remember the quality of "my sister's" Trinity Band. Hey, it's a HUGE reason I joined band. While I'm certain your students worked VERY hard for their honor, it also takes a great coach! Again, Congratulations!!!!!!! - Terri

From:   Will Reavis - Registered (Class 1968-72) Date Posted:  1/11/2008  |  12:52:15 PM
Happy "belated" Christmas and New Year's! When most of you retired guys and gals were taking holidays, we private music teachers were getting our students ready for Area tryouts. Besides planning and organizing a senior recital for one of my university students, all four of my private high school students surprised me by achieving the ultimate prize of being selected for the Texas All-State Band. I have enjoyed reading all of the comments by so many of you and hope you keep the correspondence going. It is great to see you reconnecting after all of these years. Also, thanks for including Lydia and me in your e-mails to each other. We've both had many laughs from the comment sections. As of this point, we now have 105 registered members and guests to our website. That is truly amazing and Wes Stewart is to be commended for his expert leadership of this entire project. If any of you can think of other band students that aren't registered, please give them a call or an e-mail and encourage them to join us. Also, if you haven't purchased the recordings that Wes is producing, I would encourage you to do so. For more information, check out the home page. You will be extremely surprised at the quality and quantity of all of the recordings. From the "weight room" recordings in 1968 to our last concert in May of 1972, you will hear the magical transformation of young bands to mature and musically professional bands. In closing, I encourage you to donate any amount to the 2008 Scholarship Fund as explained on our home page. Let's keep supporting our THS Band Program. Join the folks that are really enjoying their reconnection with their Alma Mater. Have a great year and keep in touch! HUSTLE!!!! Will Reavis

From:   DaleRogers - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  1/6/2008  |  7:30:07 PM
I remember Steve Snow, Ronnie Ford (and I think Roger Waite would make it sometimes), and I would pile into the car at lunch and race to either Chuck Wagon or McDonald's, inhale our hamburgers, then tear over to The Triangle Club for Pool, Foosball, and other assorted games, then race back in time for typing class (in my case). Sometimes we would make it over to Pizza Inn - although, no Triangle Club on those days because we were serious about eating literally "all you can eat" at the buffet. FYI: If anyone is out Weatherford way on Feb 12th, the band I am in, The Frontier Brigade Band, will be giving a Lincoln's Birthday concert at Weatherford College Fine Arts Theater starting at 7:30 - it's free and everyone is welcome. We'll be playing our 19th century Over-the-Shoulder Saxhorns and Rope Tension Drums. Take Care - Dale

From:   BarryTatum - Registered (Class 1973) Date Posted:  1/4/2008  |  5:45:07 PM
Great french fries as I recall, with lots of ketchup. Don't ever remember eating anything else. Also had ping pong tables in the cafeteria during study hall(not Kathy Hall) until the jocks tore them up.

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  1/4/2008  |  7:43:41 AM
The Chuck Wagon!! That's the place that was down the street from Trinity kind of where the Pizza Hut is now (or last time I was around that area). They had some really good onion rings too. I don't think they called them gourmet hamburgers back then. Besides, what would a high school harry know about gourmet. It was good (better than the choices in the cafeteria). Besides, it seemed like we were getting away with something by going off campus. More of the risky and risque business I did in high school.

From:   Where's The BEEF... - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  1/3/2008  |  11:05:49 AM
Perhap's at Mr. Quick's, Crystal's ($.10 ea or 10 for a dollar, and Gerald IS a Banking Executive!) and The Chuck Wagon, some Texas's finest gormet burgers ever sold!!! Yes sireeee babaluski's, Pardner....

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  1/3/2008  |  10:34:17 AM
I think the Mr. Quick's was across the street from Buddies (Winn Dixies) and was walking distance from Euless Junior High. No stinking steak fingers anymore !! As I recall we only had two lunch lines one was for plate lunches and the other was al-a-carte. There are now many different choices, pizza, subs and many others with different lines for each. It is now one big L-shaped lunch room. Overall appearance is still the same. I think the place Gerald speaks of where he spent time playing pin ball was owned by Vicki Mayfield's dad. Vicki was a cheerleader from the class of 1973.

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  1/3/2008  |  8:19:20 AM
Mr. Quick's sounds familiar. There was also a place at the corner of 151 and 183 where we used to go that had the pinball machines. I also remember a place that used to be across from the old Winn Dixie that has these small burgers for 10 cents each. You could buy 10 for a dollar (well duh). Am I old or what? We used to have to work all day in the heat and cold, walk 2 miles to school and 3 miles home and we liked it!!!

From:   Dee Ann Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  1/2/2008  |  7:23:32 PM
The only smells reminiscent of the cafeteria, for me, are those of fish sticks and steak fingers. Yuk. I think that I lived on chopped beef sandwiches and a bowl of pickles when I actually had to eat in there. Was Mr. Quicks around then? I remember going off campus for lunch and eating there. I think. I'm getting old... It sounds like Scott & Co. had a good time; sorry I missed out. I did have the honour of attending my 12 year old nephew's very first band concert. He's a pretty darned good trumpet player.

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  1/2/2008  |  9:03:02 AM
In Scott's comments below, he remarks about the cafeteria smell. I can imagine that after almost 40 years since it opened, those "wonderful" smells of the school cafeteria have pretty well permiated into the brick and paint and could only be removed with multiple sand blasting. I recall going down the street (when there was open lunch for seniors) to get a hamburger and play some pinball at the little burger joints. Man, we were really living on the edge then. Such delinquents. And I never wore a seat belt either (none built into my car anyway).

From:   Nancy Dykes-Plumlee - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  12/30/2007  |  9:48:44 PM
I got to watch the game up here in Oklahoma. I love high school football now & of course college football. BOOMER SOONER!!!!! My daughter's high school, who are also the Trojans, won their 10th state title since '93 just a few weeks earlier. How nice to be associated with 2 state championship Trojans.

From:   Evening at the Symphony - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  12/30/2007  |  9:44:01 PM
He selected the access road as a muse. No particular hurry was involved or required on this little Alumni outing. After all, the freeway was a construction project when his H.S. days were more a part of his future and not his past. And he had made this trip many times in the past! Sometimes by bus. Sometimes by motorcycle. But mostly, by well worn little sports job and a broken down old farm truck. Of these, the motorcycle was the most exciting... AND dangerous. But this was, at the time, HIS closely guarded secret. He parked behind the Band tower scaffolding, and recalled a time he lost focus, letting the band march off the field because his attention was directed at a knuckle head sitting on the hood of his car. That, earned him demerits. He took in the view as made his way to the Cafeteria. For a moment, he though he caught the aromas and tastes of a busy lunch hour. And, he quite likely did. Over the years, perhaps, these had osmosed into the porous organics that had always adorned the campus. He was to meet the group in front of the Cafeteria and as they greeted each other, He noticed that the groups were smaller each time. Perhaps this was important, perhaps not...for his part, it really made no difference. He had grown fond of these Alumni functions, finding them a wonderful way to relax and share new and diverse viewpoints. He had, of course, been aquainted with most of the participants. But he had not really known them as friends, and developing this aspect was now a source of enjoyment. They entered and dinned. Told lies and half truths, showed off new acquisitions and worried about getting the first traumatic dent or ding. While their feast was settling, he strolled across the cafeteria and thought about the dance's and functions attended there. One of the best was a Sadie Hawkins Dance he attended with a cute, shy little brunette. Shy, because she had dispatched a friend to ask on her behalf. It all worked out in the end, and it was one of the most enjoyable evenings he could recall. Now, the Concert was short, but all the Bands/Ensembles played. Quite good they were, considering the dual tasks of prepping for a Holiday Concert and State Football Finale! Only one item puzzled him. A Flute Quartet performed an excellent piece that needed nothing other than the flutes. Yet, Drums, Bass, Keyboard generally overwhelmed the fine and articulate musicality of the flutes! This, of course, did not dilute the evenings enjoyment and on the way home, he simply smiled, just smiled!

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  12/27/2007  |  10:57:47 PM
We had roughly 650 in our 1980 graduating class. That was also the first year the football team hit a major milestone. We went as far as being listed as "quarter-final champs". We lost to Temple, who went on to win state. That made us ranked 5th in the state for the next year's stats. One of TODAY'S team's coaches was a junior in 1980, so HE can brag of not only being a member of THAT team, but also of being a coach BOTH times the team went all the way to state champs!!! Kind of gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling!!! You gotta love the old school! Belated Merry Christmas...Early Happy New Year!

From:   Scott A. Van Wyckhouse - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  12/27/2007  |  11:35:40 AM
I, too, planned to attend the Big Game. Got otherwise diverted Saturday AM. But, add my voice to Paula's and Gerald's. And I have a few more tidbit narratives to add, as well. So, stay tuned...

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  12/27/2007  |  7:40:41 AM
I watched the game on TV. I was really happy to see the old school come out on top. Sure wish we could have done that when we were there. I can't even imagine how much the school has grown. I have not been by the campus in years. We had between 400 and 500 in our senior class. How many are in their classes now? It was really neat seeing our high school on TV even though it was only regional. I think the announcers were biased towards the other school since they bragged on them so much during the game.

From:   PaulaMcNeese - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  12/23/2007  |  10:53:52 PM
Merry Christmas to all! I have to share with you that I traveled from Austin to San Antonio on the 22nd to see Trinity play Judson for the State championship. What a game and the two teams were very well matched. What fun it was to see what traditions that we started 30+ years ago were still in place and what neat, new traditions have been added. It was a wonderful experience and the chance to see Trinity be triumphant was priceless, a far cry from the early years. I was still very proud after all these years to say I was a graduate of Trinity High School. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  12/21/2007  |  6:57:50 PM
Four of us attended the THS Band Christmas Dinner and Concert last night. Holly Harris, Scott Van Wyckhouse, Robert Taylor and I enjoyed lasagna and pizza prior to the concert then we were treated to Christmas music from all three bands. It was great to eat in the same cafeteria as we did 34+ years ago. More of you must join us at the next event, it is great fun.

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  12/19/2007  |  7:39:45 AM
It looks like the old high school team done good. I see that they will be down here to play one of the local power house teams in dirty SA this weekend. I sure hope they whip the tar out of them. Judson has one of the most obnoxious coaches alive. And worst of all, they show him on TV down here all the time. I may even have to try and go to the game just to root for old THS. I didn't see it, but they showed the Trinity football team on local TV doing some sort of dance. My wife told me about it. It should be an interesting game. This reminds me of the time our band marched at the pro football game for the Fort Worth team playing the San Antonio Toros. They annouced that we were at the game to root for SA because their colors were red and black. Oh well, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. I will leave the Christ in Christmas as I have never been very politically correct and I'm too old to change now. Have a happy New Year too.

From:   Dee Ann Rickman-Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  12/4/2007  |  7:30:01 PM
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! One of my favorite Christmas memories comes from having lived in Minot, N.D. Jimmy & I were too broke to buy Christmas presents but we did have our ice skates. We skated on an outdoor pond, in the snow; drank hot chocolate and then bought & decorated a tiny little Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. The worst Christmas present I ever received came compliments of my grandmother. She gave me a shaver, shave creme and a pair of panty hose. I think she was trying to tell me something... Gotta go -- Rudolph's on T.V. !

From:   DonnaRodgers-Montgomery - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  12/3/2007  |  9:30:58 AM
Two years ago, I got a soprano sax for Christmas, and then last year I got a top-quality silver mouthpiece for it. The key is to drop really good hints! My first disappointing Christmas was not the "underwear" Christmas. It was the year I wanted cap pistols and a cowgirl outfit, but instead I got stupid girl stuff -- a baby doll and a buggy, Hey, I was only 6, and the noise my brother made with his new cap pistols was more exciting than a doll that just sat there. The Christmas after that, I got a doll that really cried and wet. In fact, her name was Terri, and she has kept me young ever since. That was a good Christmas! And happy December birthday, Terri.

From:   RobertTaylor - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  12/2/2007  |  2:44:20 PM
Remember the first time you didnt get any toys for Christmas? The first time I got underwear for Christmas, I thought, thats it for me. The magic of Christmas is over. As I got older I realized its still possible to get cool toys, you just have to buy them yourself.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  12/1/2007  |  11:22:26 PM
Someone got a nice shiny silver horn as an early Christmas present. Well actually two people did. Gary Caughey got a silver Besson euphonium and I got a silver Bach Strad trumpet. I went to the music store this evening to get some silver polishing cloths and there Gary was getting his new Besson. Now we have to figure out how to make these fine instruments sound good.

From:   IT'S REALLY BIG, BIG, BIG! - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  11/30/2007  |  1:56:27 PM
Okay, okay, okay. Listen up you bunch of Alumni Gangsters, Band Bums and BumettesSaturday (Dec. 1st) is the next step in the Quest for State Champions. We will defeat Odessa Permian at Shotwell Stadium in Abilene, beginning at 2:00. Why is this important? PUBLISITY!!! Whats good for the Gooses is good for the Banders! Tune to 91.3 Fm and listen or visit for additional information. Yeah, I heard you knuckle heads and hecklers in the back row, just whistle or hum the fight song!!! You remember how to whistle dont, you? You just put your lips together andwell, you get the idea!

From:   Dee Ann - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  11/23/2007  |  8:02:08 AM
OK. Who put that darned crawling bug on the home page? Not nice! ;)

From:   A THANKSGIVING MESSAGE - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  11/21/2007  |  1:15:22 PM
We have all come far in this last year...each of us, in our own way, either individually or hand-in-hand with family or cherished friends. Some of us have experienced the joy of new born grandchildren. Some have felt as if their nests were diminishing, only to discover the joy of a loved one proudly and confidently stretch their wings to begin finding their own path. Some of us have experienced change, while still others, have brought about change. We have cried and felt joy, and have cried with others and shared their joy. Some have continued to seek ways to provide safer environments for those whom in our stead, rose to stand or stand in harms way still, here and abroad to serve our proud and free Nation. And, we wish them continued and extraordinary success. Some have retired, but this is not all true. They are just re-claiming or discovering new priorities or have found a new, stronger voice to express. Some worried that their legacies may have faded. But instead, found that they remained vital, solid and enduring, extending across generations. Some sought or found new physical and mental challenges to face and conquer. The excitements, sounds and company of making a joyful noise, outdoor wilderness adventures, cliff climbing, hiking, camping. We re-engaged with the past, shared the present and shared the hopes and images of the future. In small ways and large, we have been encouraged and provided encouragement. We have learned new things, taught and have seen traditions passed along. Our eyes have become brighter and clearer. We have observed a bit of ourselves in our family and in others. So you see, we have much to be grateful very, very much. And wherever you go, wherever you are, whomever you are with, step back and steal a quiet moment for yourself. Reflect on the grace and blessing that is, the sounds of joy and laughter, the sweet fragrance and aroma of the foods, the chaos and the clutter and the footsteps of youngsters stirring about... and MOST IMPORTANTLY, all that has or has not come your way. And then... share it, share it warmly and share it lovingly, with all those around you. And whatever your beliefs, may they continue to bless, guide and keep you in grace and light! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, TO ALL.

From:   Gerald - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  11/14/2007  |  7:40:06 AM
I'm not second hand, only well worn. I never knew Scott was such an F. Scott Fitzgerald. I still think he should run for political office. Or at the very least, become a speech writer for them. Nice descriptive article, my man.

From:   Dee Ann Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  11/13/2007  |  6:14:55 PM
Hey, did you guys see the THS football team on CBS National news tonight? They did a piece on them regarding the Tongan 'war dance' that they do before the games. The team got quiet a bit of coverage and they even spelled Euless correctly!

From:   Second Hand Lion Gary - Registered (Class 1970) Date Posted:  11/12/2007  |  5:27:05 PM
Well said. Yes you can go home again. We did.

From:   Homecoming Belated... - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  11/10/2007  |  3:13:07 PM
The headline the following morning would read Trinity delivers clear message: We own 7-5A, as if to echo a faded memory of a far and distant past. This, of course, was true. But it mirrored another time and was of another group of young gladiatorsnot bound together in footballing, but a band. Brothers and sisters, of sorts, carrying a message forward to all comers. They did not know it then, but they too, succeeded. He wondered if any would remember? After all, the memories are now just a small part of their lives, but then, they WERE almost everything! And this, he thought, you old second-hand lion, IS what Homecoming is all about. But the headline had yet been written, and he was already late finding his way there. Not that he was in any particular hurry. He had attended less than a handful of games since his time. All were State Championships. The only thing memorable of the first, was his date. She was, and is likely still, a hot, hot, hottie. The other two amounted to a huge win and a crushing last-minute loss. The Stadium remained much as he remembered it, so many decades ago. And in a way, it was. He just transposed the wood, clay, gravel and grass of his day, to plastics, rubber matting, concrete and carpet. The crowds milling about were a bit more diverse now, and with considerably more body piercings and tats. The wardrobe selections (loose vs tight) were still intended to accomplish the same goal, expose the body! Instinctively (perhaps even by habit), he made his way towards the Band and as he did so, he enjoyed the crisp Autumn breeze. Ah, the sweet scents and sounds of H.S. Homecoming football. And THATS when the FLASHBACKS began. In spite of this, he continued to the band area, hoping to regain some composure from the sensory overloads before his peers noticed. But as he rounded the portal railing, and glimpsed up to get a bering, it all began to come apart. It was a view that reflected an image frozen in time. All was as it once was. The panoramic view of the crowds, the position of the Band, Drill and Pep squads. Even the size of the Band appeared the same. A dj vu nightmare, you might say. Of course, his peers recognized him instantly and waived him over. He knew he was at least seeing these folks in real-time. They were the salt 'n' pepper distinguished types of his era! It was a warm welcome and he was grateful to have it. As the evening progressed though, he couldn't escape the continuing progression of comparisons that conflicted with the conventioned clich (you can't go home again) thing. Each moment was as if he was continuing a surreal journey to the past. The Band size was indeed about the same as he once knew it. The school songs were original and well played, just as they were then. At half time, his pulse grew quicker and when the announcer began to recognize the attending alumni, his stomach started to turn flips, just as it always had when he took the field. When the band played Bruce Chanell's Hey Baby he was instantly back to his childhood home in Hurst. Bruce was dating the gal next door when this hit #1 on the charts. He had a '62 Corvette convertable (red/white) and would ride the little brothers around the neighborhood and to burger joints as a bribe to be alone with his date. And when the band played Grandioso, it took him to his days at Tech. And the eerie sequences and coincidences continued throughout the evening. And then it was over and he would soon be back to normal. Even though his journey lasted only a few short hours, he thought it was indeed possible to return home again, if only for a short time. And that's how a handful or two of second-hand lions and lionesses found their way home once again. Perhaps, with time, more will find their way home again, too....

From:   RobertTaylor - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  11/7/2007  |  8:28:16 PM
Let me try that again. For the slide show:Click Here

From:   RobertTaylor - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  11/7/2007  |  8:20:39 PM
I counted Gary and Wes in six pictures! Here is the link to the slide show (I think): Click Here

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  11/7/2007  |  4:50:32 PM
I forgot to mention...we had a minimum of 8 tubas while I was at Trinity, but usually had more like 10 or 12. - Terri

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  11/7/2007  |  4:49:28 PM
I would love to be able to harass Gary and Wes, and ask WHY they were not in photos, but alas, they ARE in photos. Several, in fact! Go to the Trinity website, and click on the link for photos of the march a thon. There are over 200 photos. Again, I saw at leat 3 photos of the guys (red shirts). Maybe as many as 8. Congrats guys for doing that!!! - Terri

From:   Gerald - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  11/7/2007  |  9:37:19 AM
I was wondering if it was 6 to 5 or 8 to 5 marching. I guess it was somewhere in that mix. Thanks, Robert for the link. Looks like our old uniforms except the overlay is black. It would have been nice if we could have had that many tubas also. It seemed we were doing good if we had 2 during our days. I guess playing tuba wasn't cool back in our day.

From:   RobertTaylor - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  11/5/2007  |  1:13:50 PM
I found current videos of the THS marching band at Click Here

There are three videos of the March-a-thon. Where is Wes and Gary?

From:   Gary Caughey - Registered (Class 1970) Date Posted:  10/29/2007  |  12:56:29 PM
March-a-thon was great fun. I was amazed to find myself playing and marching, or at least what is now called marching. Perfect weather to be outdoors. Lots of folks were continually asking Wes and me if we were doing OK. Interestingly they looked more worn out than we did. We both made every step with the band and we can both verify that the other one did it. No collusion, all truth. After homecoming and the march-a-thon I would say that our spirit is still there. This band seems to be a great bunch of kids who have to work harder and longer than we ever thought about. And they are having fun doing it. You would be glad to see the current version of what we started. I think I have played the THS fight song more times in the last two weeks than in the two years I was in the band. WR's tune has stood the test of time and sounds as good now as it did when we played it. And there is a lot more attached to it now. We encountered a lot of enthusiasm along the march route through Bedford and it's clear the current band enjoys a level of community support we didn't have. You would be proud of our legacy. I am.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  10/28/2007  |  9:23:48 AM
Ok, Gary Caughey and I made the entire five mile March-A-Thon yesterday and yes we were playing while marching. It was a little tough at times, but was for a good cause; to help support our Alma Mater's Band porgram. The directors, band parents and all of the kids were glad we joind them and made us feel part of their group. The weather was perfect for an event like this and all of you should have been there. John Donner has invited us all to their Holiday Concert and a reception afterwards. I believe the concert/reception will be on Thursday, December 20th at 7:00pm. Put this on your calendar and try your best to attend, I will notify everyone as I get more details on this.

From:   Dee Ann - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/24/2007  |  8:32:50 PM
Sorry I couldn't make it but I did let Wes know that I wouldn't be there. I can't make the march-a-thon either but I do plan to attend the Southlake concert in November so I guess that I'll see you then! I would have loved to stay up late eating pizza and enjoying good friends. Glad you had such a good time. -dj

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  10/24/2007  |  4:38:03 PM
And by the way MS. DEE ANN!! Where were YOU Friday night??? I thought you were coming!

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  10/23/2007  |  11:21:34 AM
I had a great time also! I didn't play, but held Gary's music and/or glasses throughout the entire game. I was recovering from bronchitis, but still acted like a kid, forgot I was 54 instead of 16, went out for pizza, stayed up late laughing and talking and spent the next day in bed!!! But it was worth it!! See ya'll at the Southlake C.B. concert in November!!!!

From:   Dee Ann - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/22/2007  |  7:01:23 PM
Thanks alot, Donna. Where is that bad memory when you need it? The only person who ever called me Melissa was Mrs. Montgomery. Of RknRollRed and Guns n' stuff, I know nothing. It sounds like you guys had a great time at the game. 'Cov', now you know how I felt, in high school, having to wear those horrid 'granny' glasses (half frames) because I couldn't wear the bifocals needed. It is a challenge trying to read the music. Feel free to forward any blackmail data -- I mean photos. Wes, surely Lucy took some? Scott, keep stirring things up - you keep it interesting. Donna, no more memories from elementary school days, OK?

From:   Coy - Registered (Class 1970) Date Posted:  10/22/2007  |  2:01:42 PM
My first boss out of college was an Aggie. Being ignorant I called him an ex-Aggie. I learned the hard way there's no such thing. Reading music is a challenge with 50-something eyes. I thought we did pretty good Friday night. I'm not sure I was playing the same music the band was but I was playing something and it was fun. I did better taking my glasses off for reasons I'd probably rather not know. Playing a marching baritone for the first time I found out what it's like to have a bell between me and the music. All in all I felt less like a geezer than I expected. Maybe they just tolerated us but it seemed like they enjoyed having us there. I had a great time.

From:   Aggie - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/22/2007  |  12:18:22 PM
I can just image you all trying to play along with the band. I tried that with my son's band a few years back and reading glasses (bi-focals) just don't go well with music on a stand, especially when you have the bell of a trombone between you and the music. It sure seemed easier to sight read than when I was in school, though. Maybe my mind works faster now (yeah, right!). I'm still trying to locate a decent picture for my loss in Mr. Gums, uh Guns bet. Will send in soon.

From:   Donna - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/22/2007  |  9:58:00 AM
Who is "Guns"? Who is "Rocknrollred?" And is "Melissa" a reference to "Melissa DeeAnn," a name that a few of us remember from our elementary school days? Whew! Sometimes it's hard to keep up -- I'll admit that it just might be an age (or memory) thing.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  10/20/2007  |  9:15:24 AM
Being part of THS Homecoming 2007 was a flashback in time !!! The game was great and of course the real reason we were there, to be with the THS band. Gary Caughey (1970), Sherry Wheeless (1971), Donna Rodgers (1972), Scott Van Wyckhouse (1972), Carol Caldwell (1972), John Caldwell (1974), Terri Rodgers (1980) and me Wes Stewart (1974) were at the game and I think I can say we all enjoyed being back in the stands. PERFECT EVENING ! Thanks to Directors John Donner, Greg Hart, David Trewitt, the Band Boosters and all the kids for inviting us to sit and play along with them.

From:   Dee Ann Rickman-Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/19/2007  |  6:58:29 PM
I'll watch for you guys on the news. They've already shown some of the drill team, cheerleaders and a gal from the Homecoming Queen Court. It is THE game of the night.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  10/19/2007  |  12:12:02 PM
Today is the day. THS Homecoming is tonight and 5 of us will be playing along with the band. Hopefully I can get some additional music from THS and if I do we will be sight reading most of the night. It will be dark, bad eyesight, little notes oh no what have we gotten ourselves into.

From:   Still an Aggie - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/15/2007  |  12:52:57 PM
Regardless of the final score, as I was taught at dear old A&M, the Aggies have never been beaten, maybe outscored (even to rediculousness) but never beaten. Sure feels like a beatin' at times. Anyway, I pulled out the old lederhosen and I think I must have some that belonged to someone else. I can't believe I ever fit into those things. I will gladly take Herr Scott up on an alternate picture to send in. As for the old fall highschool football games, I worked as a band parent for my son's highschool band for 3 years working the concession stand and such on football games. I noted it all changed back then (he graduated from highschool in 2001). The tons of junk they have to have in order to put on a halftime show along with water and drinks, etc. And of course, the parents are the ones that get to be the pack mules. We had to have parents on all the buses taking them to the stadium and a big truck and trailer to haul all the junk. I don't remember any of that when we were in school. I do remember the cruisin' at Bellaire shopping center and Pizza Inn and Straw Hat Pizza in Arlington. Such bad food. I'm surprised any of us survived to today based on all the scare stories on the news. Anyway, I will try and come up with an interesting photo that won't violate any decency standards. By the way, newbys in the Aggie Corp are not plebes (that's someone at West Point). Aggie freshmen are "fish". I can't tell you the names for each of the following classes (decency standards again) except seniors who are called "Zips". That's another story for another day.

From:   Dee Ann Rickman-Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/14/2007  |  11:31:11 AM
Friday night I attended the Southlake-Carroll Homecoming game. My, how the times have changed... I did catch a faint whiff of that autumn Friday night smell of long ago. Very faint. (My nephew drank a Fuji water as his snack.) What's happened to homecoming? It was very low-key; no one dressed up; the mums are now larger than the girls and boys wearing them. Some even glow in the dark! The band and drill team sat separate from the spectators. It was strange. I must be getting old but the marching band made me dizzy w/ all of their fancy moves on the field. I'll be anxious to hear your comments after next weeks' THS homecoming. As far as fond, long ago memories, I can still recall Friday night cruisings of Bellaire Shopping Center, after the game, or a meal at the Pizza Hut. Remember Mr. Quicks (or was that from my Junior High years)?

From:   ScottVan - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/14/2007  |  2:16:29 AM
OUCH! Gig'd Dem' Aggies!! Nuff' said!!! Well, now, under these circumstances, so that the ZEN world will remain in balance/equilibrium, Gerald and I reached a secondary accordance...a plan B, you might say. In the event of a Custer styled rout, Gerald can provide a Senior year photo in his Cav Uniform. Or, alternatively, if anyone REALLY NEEDS to view such a photo, I will reluctantly provide (mine, in Clown garb) one. But, ONLY by individual request! Wes is still debating if the website can handle such HOT photo items. And, don't worry, Donna, Aggies have a strong, even cult-like affinity for traditions. They even have a show dedicated to the Band! It airs here in the Metro area at 5:30 am, each Sat on KERA 13! Up's a preview...Ah! The sweet smells of High School Football Stadiums on a crisp autumn's eve. Carnations, Mums, cola concentrates, boiled hot dogs, pimento cheese and bologna sandwiches...Stay Tuned!

From:   Donna - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/13/2007  |  7:53:04 PM
Looks like Tech stomped A&M, but I admit it makes me sad. My nephew is an Aggie Plebe in the corps, and I'll always be on his side, no matter where he goes. So.............. now what's supposed to happen? Something about a strange costume and a picture? Looking forward to that oom-pa-pa!

From:   ScottVan - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/12/2007  |  10:48:04 PM
Well, okay then. Were on the eve of the Big game. For those of you who have a life, and no time for these sort of idle amusements/distractions, this is THE rivalry between Texas Tech (the REAL UNIVERSITY of Texas) and the Aggies. This game has a long tradition of being the nail-biter of the season, and is usually settled in OT by 3pts. or less. Whats at stake, you ask? Well, Gerald modeling Lederhosen and red chapeau for one. Scott in Clown cover! Just imagine the endless opportunities to poke fun at a fellow alumni without worries of violating any PC code. Sort of like when we were in high school! Now, if we can't find a suitably discrete location on the THS website, then the victor (this would be me) will provide the non-victor (this would be Gerald) the email of all requesting a photo. The game begins around 2:30, so tune in and enjoy, if you wish. As I will be otherwise engaged in a "Official" capacity elsewhere, I will be viewing by proxy (emails and texting). If you wish to provide particular comments/personal observations, email at Now, regarding pseudonyms. When in Rome! It IS a High School website. At least I'm not using any of those baptized on me in HS. And golly, geewhiz, I've grown quite fond of Soft-shoe Buttercup! Love ya, you sweet little Darlin's...As usual, more to come. Stay Tuned.....!!!!

From:   Donna - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/12/2007  |  12:14:22 PM
Yep, I too got lost on the names. Thanks Sherry. I don't think that I can get to Euless early enough for a pre-game tailgate party, but I can still stay up late enough for going out after the game. However, plan what "the group" decides and I'll try to make it there in time.

From:   Sherry - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  10/12/2007  |  11:37:30 AM
OK, guyz & dollz could we get back to using our REAL names? I'm getting terribly confused--except for Herr Von WACKO; it's pretty easy to tell who HE is!! See ya'll at homecoming!! I think my child is coming--she is a 2003 graduate of Trinity--Can't wait!!! Anyone up for a tailgate party??

From:   RknRollRed - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/9/2007  |  6:20:48 PM
That's OK. My daddy bought me one of the brand new 1971 Lincoln Mercury Capris -right off the ship, as they were imported from Germany at the time and billed as "The Sexy European". I like to never have convinced my dad to let me have that car because it had, of all things, (gasp!) ... RECLINING front bucket seats.

From:   Scotty Van Wyck - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/9/2007  |  1:16:00 PM
Ahhhhhhh! The MUSCLE cars of our youth...mine was indeed a '63 Spitfire. I do, however, have fond memories of others. That '61 Comet, of course, Vic's '63 Bug, Nancy's Fairlane ('64-'65) and Tilford's '58 Impala. (Pssst, Gerald, it was the bench seats, front and BACK, that made it a prime date mobile. And 3 on the column, 3rd being WAY DOWN LOW, didn't hurt either. Just don't tell anyone!)

From:   Smokin' - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/9/2007  |  9:51:21 AM
Yep, that was me in my '61 Merc Comet. That little I6 had a lot of torque and even though it was pretty much as stock as you could get back in those days (no carpet, AM radio, no A/C, etc.), it had a posi-track rear end (both tires spun, not just one side or the other). The only problem, the torque kept busting the rubber motor mounts and then the engine would twist and the clutch lever would fall off. I fondly remember actually being able to work on the car myself. Can't even hardly change oil in these cars today without taking it to the shop. What's even funnier is that Herr Von Wikki Wikki borrowed my car for a date because the heater worked better in it than it did in his Spitfire. I wouldn't have thought he needed a heater. Oh well.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  10/8/2007  |  2:51:43 PM
Herr von Wykki-Wykki, I am sure most would have a similar problem with their letter jackets as Gerald "The Ag" Houy has with his Lederhosen and little red chapeau with feather. By the way Gerald, you say it was not you, but I remember specifically you drove the Black Comet and would smoke the tires on the street in front of the EJH parking lot after school. I would ask Regina to tell you to smoke them. Block it from your memory if you want, but it was YOU with the bleach.

From:   Herr von Wykki-Wykki - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/8/2007  |  11:58:39 AM
Say...I believe I heard it WAS "River Rodents"!!!! Count me in on the Home-Arriving thing. Do we have to wear our moth-eaten geezer Letter jackets?

From:   Soft-Shoe Buttercup!!! - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  10/8/2007  |  11:26:02 AM
Homecomming??? YEP! I'm GAME! All of you who have YOUNGER siblings who were in later Trinity bands need to invite THEM to come also. HEY, I was in band with some of those siblings! They were good! Concerning "Mud Toads". Since my sister, Helen (who graduated from Bell) went around the house singing "On Ye Mud Toads", I KNOW Donna is NOT kidding about that! It WAS funny...but I'm REALLY glad we were NOT Mud Toads! Terri

From:   DonnaRodgers-Montgomery - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/8/2007  |  10:49:20 AM
Hey, I volunteered Terri, but she hasn't yet said yes or no. She may kill me. Ha! Also, concerning the THS mascot choices, there was one more -- but not a good one. Some of the band members of that "other" HEB high school wanted us to be the Mud Toads. In fact, I still remember most of the fight song and alma mater they wrote for us. Not good at all. (O.K., but it WAS funny.)

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  10/8/2007  |  9:59:08 AM
THS HOMECOMING 2007 ... We have been invited to sit as a group and play with the band if we desire. Gary Caughey, Donna & Terri Rodgers and I will be there playing along. Please join us whether you play or not and show your support of our Alma Mater and our Band. Let me know if you can make the Homecoming game and sit with us. Friday Oct, 19, 2007

From:   RobertTaylor - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  10/5/2007  |  4:17:54 PM
I remember there was confusion in the press between the Trinity High School Trojans of Euless and the Trinity Christian Academy Trojans of Addison.

From:   Aggie - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/5/2007  |  8:44:44 AM
I can't recall any of the other mascot choices except the highlanders because I thought it went with our uniforms (the fuzzy hats at least). I only remember the teal color because I could not believe anyone would even suggest that one. I had never seen the Miami Dolphins then either so did not know someone had actually used that color for a team. I still wonder about the name Trinity. Most people, after I got out of high school, thought I went to a Catholic school because of the name. I realize there is a river by that name up there, but who names a school after a river? I guess we could have named it Paul (Pee Wee Herman) Reubens High School.

From:   Guns Up, again - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/4/2007  |  9:47:09 PM
Hey, that Lederhosen guys comment was not entirely necessary!

From:   Guns Up - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/4/2007  |  9:43:35 PM
Agreed. It was THS And if you look closely, in the background, you'll notice a couple of Sunflowers/Buttercups waving Pom-Poms and dancing, too! My, how they do get around!

From:   Dee Ann Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/4/2007  |  9:32:18 PM
That's pretty cool -- thanks for sharing. Do you remember the other mascot that was included when we got to vote while at Euless Jr. High? We could have been the 'Trinity Highlanders'. Thank God for small favors. But, then again, the lederhosen guys might have been more in vogue. ;)

From:   RobertTaylor - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  10/4/2007  |  7:56:21 PM
Yep! That was THS: Gatorade Commercial at THS website

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/4/2007  |  10:48:12 AM
Hey, that was not nice to point that horse this way. You could put an eye out! Anyway, if someone wants to run a contest for Scott, try who has the oldest car. Scott probably still has that '63 Triumph Spitfire and I bet it still runs. That wasn't much for a long, wet trip to College Station but sure was fun running around town. As for the bet, Scott needs to get a picture balancing his mace (I'm sure he still has this also) on end on his chin. He could probably do that eaiser than me getting into those lederhosen. A piture like that could be considerd obscene. And now for something completely different: I saw a commercial on TV for Gatoraide that showed what looked like a Trinity High School football game. It had the Cowboy coach acting as a gate guard in the end. I just wanted to confirm that was our old Trinity High in the commercial.

From:   Guns Up - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/2/2007  |  10:27:32 PM
Ladies, please, you embarrass (and I'm lovin' it) me! I'm all ablush and aquiver...what with all that talk and clever word play of groping, flirting, shtick, sticks and guns. I'm experiencing that whole Global Warming thing on a sort of personal level. Might need one of (likely multiple) those Game Winning Coache Baptisms to cool down. Also might need to move to a back channel email basis to respond appropriately!!! Now, for you, General Gerald. Pleeease, GumsUp?....... Indeed. To this, I have instructed the Horse to point his hind-quarters in your direction and make rude noises!!! Also, I would remind you that Aggies come in all flavors and descriptions...Aggies, Maggies, Baggies, Draggies, etc...AND in your case, SAGGIES. Put THAT in your little red Lederhosens!!! Ha! And yes, there may also be a sort of Battle of the Bands. But we, too, have (at least not on my watch) NEVER, repeat NEVER lost a halftime!. Best you can hope for budeeeee, is a stand-off!!! You might say it comes down to Formalized Flexible Formations (not Cookie Pusher) with our Sgt. Peppers styled Para- Military uniforms vs your Disciplined Directional Design military manuverings! Good to hear from you, Paula, and thanks for your support. I appreciate it after having to admit defeat in that Least Changed affair. We were poor little sheep who lost our way! By the way, you are not now, nor have you ever been, obnoxious!!! Not in your character....Don't change the channel, folks. There's more to come.....

From:   Ol' Ag - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  10/2/2007  |  8:03:07 AM
Was that "guns up" or gums up? What can you expect from someone who spent 4 or more years fighting sand storms and cotton lint from the cotton gins. I have one question, though: What in the hell are the tortillas for? Is that your contribution to diversity? Oh well, so much for black and red. I still think we should have gone with the colors that were suggested for the new high school when I was in Euless Jr. High when they acted like we had a choice of colors and mascot, teal and white. That way I wouldn't have to make fun of my high school colors when referring to Texas Blech, I mean Tech. The Aggies may have been outscored from time to time, but the Aggies have never been beaten and have never lost a half time. We don't believe in doing the "cookie pusher" type of half time shows. As for a bet, as I stated before, I could not fit in those shorts on a bet. Mr. Verbose said that he would dress in a clown suit, from the description of the outfit he wore on the night out, he already made it that appearance. I need to think up something a little more creative for when the Aggies win. Stay tuned.

From:   PaulaMcNeese - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/30/2007  |  7:58:48 PM
Well Scott now you have done it. When it comes to the Red and Black, be it Trinity or Texas Tech (THE University of Texas)I have to join in the fun of school rivalry, my Father would have insisted. I will join you in your bet against Mr. Gerald. After having to live in Burnt Orange Austin for the last thirty years I have gotten just as obnoxious as those Tea Sips. GUNS UP!

From:   Scott A. Van Wyckhouse - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/29/2007  |  7:49:20 PM
And now, for something completely different...Gerald and I have been involved with intense, high-pressure, high-stakes negotiations regarding the Big Game! No, not the game with those Tea-Sippin', Bevo Heads, but THE BIG GAME.. You know, where Tech beats the Aggies!!! So, here's the deal. When Tech wins, Gerald will provided a current photo, modeling Lederhosen and little red chapeau with feather. If, the outcome is otherwise (not happenin'), I shall provide a photo in full Clown regalia (yes, Bozo lives). Wes has agreed (sort of, on the basis that it might encourage him to refersh the site ) to place them in some discrete location on the THS website. Should either party become unable to provide the goods, a suitable compromise will be reached. We will, of course, NOT be providing photos to Wes in advance, for obvious reasons. Who's with us? Who's out? Pick a side, place your bets, express your opinions!!! Say, that L. Francois feller sounds like one Classy Dude. AND HEY, I would remind you Rockit Signtists, that even with my limit'd brain cells, airplanes are held together with ribbits, NOT GLEW!!!

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  9/28/2007  |  9:42:35 PM
MODEL AIRPLANE GLUE!!!!! Oh yes! That explains quite a bit!!! By the way, Mr. "I was the youngest there". You will NEVER hold the title of YOUNGEST TRINITY BAND EX to be a MEMBER of the Southlake Community band! I got you BEAT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

From:   Dee Ann Rickman-Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/28/2007  |  6:33:28 PM
Wes, you may have been the youngest at our table but you obviously were not the cutest or else 'Mr. Verbose' would have picked up the tab for your dinner as well. Lucy, smack him once for me, would ya?

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  9/28/2007  |  11:47:14 AM
I heard somewhere that L. Francois van Wukhause AKA Der Burgemeester Herr van Verbosenhausen has built many model cars in his long and sorted past and still does today. I think the "Airplane Glue" may be a contributing factor to his recollection of events Saturday night. Also I am not trying to get in trouble, but .... I was the youngest one at our little get-together. Although I was A LOT YOUNGER I was still in good company, thanks for supporting your old band mates and providing a good time for all after the concert.

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  9/28/2007  |  10:26:37 AM
I know absolutely nothing about any body gropes,nor can I confirm or deny any rude comments about anyone's anatomy!!!

From:   Dee Ann Rickman-Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/28/2007  |  7:35:40 AM
L. Francois, I have the perfect title for the next chapter of your saga: 'Walking Tall and Carrying a Big Shtick' .... I mean -- stick. ;)

From:   L. Francois van Wukhause - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/27/2007  |  11:01:02 PM
Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. Now, here's the real story, just as it was relayed to me by a reliable and trusted source. Really, word for word... He went early and incognito, of course, adopting camouflage of a local styled plumage favored by area residents. This included a finely crafted pair of Larry Mahan calf leather and coral snake boots; a big, polished, silver and gold, jeweled buckle; red, white and blue, stars and stripes patriotic dress shirt and an absolutely huge, straw, custom shaped Stetson. He went early to recon and acquaint himself with the habits and flow exhibited in this particular area. And, as well, to observe the harsh, high pressure environment the musicians would be providing the evenings entertainment. This was (the entertainment value) at the time, not of sure and certain determination. What he saw was, well, an oddly bizarre mixture of past and present. (Think Pat Boone dressed in spats, straw hat and plaid suit, strolling about a late 1800s styled gazebo. Now, add sculptured long horn steers, painted in what could only be described as suburban American Graffiti, grazing along the Chisom Trail). Now, while making his way to a strategic spotters position, a truck with a stock trailer, parked in front of the gazebo and several nervous folks began to unload musical accoutrements. Ordinarily, this would not have been a concern, but he was unfamiliar with the quality of the talent and therefore, wondered if this would portent events to come. No matter, he pushed on to a strategic point, from which, he could observe the events as they unfolded. Unfortunately, while observing a rather tall individual with a French horn wonder aimlessly about the gazebo stage, seemingly in search of something, he stepped in front of three rather rude ladies. They apparently felt it necessary to comment on the size and structure of a particular area ( he was afterall BUFF, VERY, VERY BUFF) of his body. Well, he DID cut a fine figure of a man. A physical Adonis, you might say. One of them, was so inspired, she felt compelled to stand and give him a full body grope! He thought about bringing charges, but decided against it when he discovered they were acquainted and she stated she was merely giving him a hug! And so, the concert began. It was, by ALL accounts, a fine evenings entertainment. Very, very fine! This appeared somewhat of a surprise to those actually providing the entertainment. But then, you know, they ARE musicians There was one last mystery (as there always is). Not everyone saw it, but those who did, stated that during the Wizard of Oz Medley (song titled Lolly Pop Guild), a rouge Sunflower or Buttercup was seen to discretely tap across the stage. Later, testimony by the cleaning crew would support witness statements. It seems there were a number of Sunflower petals on the gazebos stage. And in the afterglow of the evening's entertainment, as all retired to a local dinnery to savor the moment, a cool, gentle breeze began to rise and drift fallen leaves across the boardwalk, as if to echo the evenings eventsbut THATS another story!

From:   GaryCaughey - Registered (Class 1970) Date Posted:  9/27/2007  |  1:53:57 PM
Thanks Sherry and Dee Ann for your nice comments about our concert. I'm sure I speak for Wes, Robert and Terri as well. I for one push myself a little farther when I know people in the audience. I think I played as many as a dozen notes on time and in key this concert instead of my usual 3-4. It was good to see Mr. Verbose too. I thought I held that title but I am not worthy to loosen the sandal of he who came after me. Sherry was especially blessed to sit between two real studs at dinner. What a treat that must have been. Anyone who misses band should go out and look for a community band to join. I can't say enough about how great it is to play again, horribly or otherwise. After a 37 year sabbatical I sounded like a sick moose but am gradually getting beyond that. Poor Wes probably wonders if I'll ever get any better having to sit in front of me most of the time. But Donna had to do that for a whole year at THS and never turned around and knocked me out of my chair. Wes be patient. It was a fun evening and I look forward to the next event on 11/17. If you still live in the DFW area come see us, or better still come join us. Maybe Scott will buy your dinner afterward too.

From:   Dee Ann Rickman-Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/26/2007  |  5:41:33 PM
Yes, we had a great time at the concert! Scott is as 'verbose', in person, as he is on here. It was quite an interesting evening. Thanks be to Wes & Lucy for their humorous contributions as well. It was kind of hard for everyone else around the table to get a word in, edge-wise, what with all of the talking that Gary & I were doing. Lucy -- had a great time 'people watching'. It's a good thing that we didn't drink more Margaritas or we might have gotten ouselves in trouble... We really did have a great time. Great weather, great musical score, great food and great company. I'm looking forward to the next one, too, Sherry.

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  9/25/2007  |  9:11:41 AM
Well, I just wanted to say that the concert Saturday night was great and those of us who showed had a great time. Scott, Dee Ann and myself came and sat with Wes' wife Lucy. Afterwards the 4 of us, along with Wes and Gary Caughey went to dinner at Mi Cocina and had the best time laughing and reminiscing. Scott, you're a trip, man, you had me laughing all night. And thanks for buying dinner for we 2 single ladies, that was very sweet and generous of you. Since I am a shameless flirt, I sat between Scott and Gary and I hope they enjoyed that as much as I did, hee hee hee!!! Everyone was great company and it was an evening that I really needed! I can't wait for the next one!

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  9/22/2007  |  9:07:19 PM
Hmmmm....I feel a need to set the record straight. While yes, there WAS tap dancing...VERY GOOD tap dancing.... We were NOT sunflowers!!! We were BUTTERCUPS, and we were adorable!!! (Baby Buttercups, to be exact!) It was also closer to 1967. Funny college, I took a tap class, and had to perform with the class to the EXACT same song. BTW...the elder sister of the darkside better be glad she lived in Leander!!! I'll get ya for spilling about the tap dancing!

From:   DonnaRodgers-Montgomery - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/21/2007  |  7:26:51 PM
If I know "the evil sisters of the darkside," and I think I do, I can be pretty certain that there is no plan for a future demonstration of clogging--barefoot or otherwise. Yes, they have been known to be pretty silly in their early renditions of dance, but to my knowledge, the last public performance was about 1965. That's when the younger sister was last seen in a bright yellow sunflower costume. And it was tap dance, not clogging. When you see her, ask about the sunflower hat and "a doodle-ee-doodle-ee-do." By the way, have a great time at the concert tomorrow and know that I wish I could join you. I hope to see all of you at Homecoming.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  9/21/2007  |  6:19:24 PM
I think Van Wyckhouse may have a big can of paint open in his house. Prolonged exposure to paint fumes has been linked to verbose writings. You are a nut Scott, keep the stories coming.

From:   Der Burgemeester Herr van Verbosenhausen - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/20/2007  |  9:03:44 PM
He's baaaaaack!!! And, it's time for another episode of...Dah-dah-daaahhh, The Mysterious Mr. Verbose, Dah-dah-daaaahhh. When you last tuned in, The Mysterious Mr. Verbose was hatching a dastardly plan to out the secret knowledge stored in the minds of members of the original THS band. Our hero, Webmeister Wes, was busy attempting to divine from each line of Mr. Verbose's message, a true intent and meaning, in hopes of saving the world from the horrors of over-communicating. He did not succeed, but continues his efforts with with a growing sense of urgency. Dee Ann, an innocent bystander swept in by the whirlwind of words, had begun to wonder if the Mysterious Mr. Verbose was just another talentless hack or could actually write AND sing at the same time. The answers remain unknown. Meanwhile, in a secret studio on a farm located in a remote part of Amabamia, the evil Sisters of the Darkside were plotting a strategy to sing, clog bare footed and play their fiiddlements at the same time. Their plan was to banish ( no one knew where to, but this WAS their plan, nonetheless ) all those whom did not share similar talents. Back in Metrogopolisville, Commissioner Gerald was establishing a Emergency Plan to deal with the growing chaos. He had, it is said, to have dealt effectively with similar situations in Mexico in years past. Sherry, Chief Editor and reporter for NewsNet was, well, she just was...And what of the Citizens of Metrogopolisville? Unaware, they just continued to read their NewsNet's, drink miamochoaole's and remain uninvolved....and now, a word from our sponsor....Wait, we don't have one. Well then, just stay tuned....

From:   Dee Ann Rickman Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/19/2007  |  6:37:52 PM
I'll be there, Sherry. Wes said something about everyone going out to eat after the concert. Hope you can make it.

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  9/19/2007  |  1:35:33 PM
WHO'S GOING?? Who's going to the Southlake Community Band concert this Saturday? I for one will be there. Who else? I need to know who to look for!

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  9/17/2007  |  6:07:16 PM
Oops, thats Quiet Deluxe, not Quite Deluxe. And Scott, you don't need a date, just get yer little self there. We are all friends here!!

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  9/17/2007  |  6:05:21 PM
The typist was Jerry Longwell. As to what he was typing--Lord only knows. Make and model? More than likely Royal Quite Deluxe, but I'm totally guessing!!

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/13/2007  |  1:40:43 PM
The Typewriter Song, now there was some classical music. We even got a special guest player to man the typewriter. I don't guess they can do that song today as you would be hard pressed to find a typewriter to use (a computer just would not cut it). Remembering the trips to Memphis, it's a shame we did not stop by Elvis' house and play a concert for him before he bought the farm. We really put some milage on the buses. Those were some interesting years. We even got to do our own stand against communism by playing on the mall outside the Mexican university after the communist student group blocked our doing the concert in their auditorium. I remember it was cold and the wind was really blowing. From what I have seen of bands today, I think Scott needs to set up a drum major training camp so that they can learn how to do something besides clap their hands and swing their arms in the air. Scott and Steve can remember how difficult it was to remember when and where to blow the whistle for each movement on the field.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  9/10/2007  |  5:36:15 PM
Hey folks, I am in communication with the current THS Band Boosters and they wish to include us in some of the band functions. Two things in the works are Homecoming game and the March-A-Thon in October. Stay tuned for more information as it comes together. Let's get together and support our Alma Mater's current band program.

From:   Dee Ann Rickman-Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/7/2007  |  12:05:31 PM
Scott, I love a man who can write (verbose, as Wes would say). But, can you sing .... ??? :)

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  9/7/2007  |  8:48:32 AM
Choir, "dark side"??? I don't THINK so!!! As a 1st Soprano myself, I'm proud to say I can BOTH sing AND play flute!!! It FIGURES that a BRASS player would consider choir to be on "the dark side". I know very few brass players who can also sing. It's gotta be a jealousy thing! REAL musicians ARE multi-talented! I will remind everyone that Donna (my sis for anyone NOT following) can both sing AND still play her sax! Sooo...I just think Will chose Lydia BECAUSE she is a true musician! - Terri

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  9/7/2007  |  7:01:44 AM
Scott, you are very verbose and this last post was your longest so far, but I have to say TOO BAD SUCKER!!!! Lydia still beat you by a long shot, your last post was a little over 22 lines and indeed your most verbose to date, but Lydia composed a whopping 37.5 lines. Even taking her and Will's favorite ....... thing out she still kicked your butt and she did all that with only one breath. You may not know it, but Lydia is from the "Dark Side", one of the choir people and we all know they are a different breed. I think I heard that Lydia can shatter a glass with just her voice, just ask Will. I may have just got myself in trouble with that last statement. My mouth has got me in trouble before so I am used to it. Scott, I hope you are able to join us at our concert on Sept 22nd and also each of you that enjoy concert band music.

From:   Scott A. Van Wyckhouse - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/7/2007  |  3:09:29 AM
Well, all right then. So, it would appear that most of you have mellowed with maturity. I CAN remember a time when a simple comment or opinion would create a storm of cracking wise. This, notwithstanding, then provides an opportunity for me to catch-up since my last Controlled Hot-Air Release.... GERALD, I did not see all the photo's you provided, just those with me and Becka. Man, her red hair was as sweet and spicy as the glass of Summer Sangria we shared in Mexico City. Speaking of red, thank-you ever so much for bringing up that whole Lederhosen thing. Yes, I still have THOSE. AND, the little hat, TOO!!! You don't know how much I had hoped otherwise! Fortunately, even the thought of either one of us fitting into those, is an image just to horribly obscene to contemplate, much less release, on human-kind. God would strike us down for causing people around the world to go blind. On the bright side, though, this would convincingly resolve that Least Changed issue. If we were to vote on the basis of whom would look better in Lederhosen, a clear winner would emerge! Now, if we can just persuade Paula PA-OOH-LA-LA McNeese to model them...? DONNA, yes, she was an amazing and extraordinarily talented woman. At times, even, what you might call somewhat of an Operatic Diva! I can still remember a time when she and Rudolf Kruger (Conductor back then) cooked chicken livers in her kitchen and sang little bits and pieces of Arias. I'm glad you finally recall the Duckey. Now, confess. Where did you really practice those? No, to tripping over yard markers. When I trip, I usually end with the NASCAR smile. You know, asphalt and such ground into the teeth! It was Yerby. He recovered well from all sorts of things. Jumps over tennis nets, controlled Huey chopper crashes, etc, etc...DEE ANN, your welcome. No, to car salesman. I'll get back to ya on that Political Office thing. But, you're getting warmer! SHERRY, so, I guess this means you wouldn't happen to know, then, the model and make of the typewriter in The Typewriter song? The individual whom was typing? How 'bout what this individual was actually typing? I think it might have been something about The Band! Oh, and Sherry, Sherry Ba Yea Be, it's not so much about what you had for breakfast, but if you had breakfast! Oops, well, enough for the moment. Gotta go. Heard that men were in limited supply in Arlington and at I'm planning to attempt a Prowl About and see if I can secure a date for the BIG EVENT under the BIG TOP in Southlake on the 22nd....stay tuned, we'll be right back after a word fro....

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  9/4/2007  |  11:51:30 AM
Who was the last person to leave the stage during Musician's Strike???? Are you kidding me with this?? I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday!!!!!

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  8/16/2007  |  12:51:56 PM
I will have additional photos of the reunion on the website this weekend unless something happens like maybe my dog ate it or the wind blew it out of the car. I really need to get these online so Dee Ann will cut me some slack.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  8/11/2007  |  6:08:03 PM
I think Scott is talking about disk 10 track 15. Rubber Duckey.

From:   Dee Ann Rickman-Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  8/11/2007  |  10:40:51 AM
Gerald, you leave Scott alone. Anyone who refers to me as a 'minx' -- has my vote! He's either a politician or a used car salesman; don't know which. :) Donna, I'm not quiet sure about that 'duckey' thing either ... Also, hello to Will & Lydia! dj

From:   DonnaRodgers-Montgomery - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  8/10/2007  |  11:18:06 AM
Scott, I remember your mom as an amazingly-talented singer. What a gift! By the way, what is the "duckey" question? My memory is too foggy to remember that one. Also, on the Marching Contest videos, are you the drum major who tripped over something on the sideline while backing up, or was that Yerby? Whoever it was, nice save!

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  8/10/2007  |  9:08:15 AM
After reading Scott's comments, I was wondering if he still has his lederhosen from the Oompah band. I still have mine but could not fit in them on a bet. I lost the little hat some time ago, though. I also sent Wes some pictures from days gone by. I did leave out the dead bull pictures from the bull fight in Monterey. I was actually rooting for the bull. Speaking of bull, is Scott running for political office?

From:   ScottA.Van Wyckhouse - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  8/10/2007  |  2:33:44 AM
Sherry: Homecoming sounds fun, and, it would be a natural fit for our "Distinguished Curmudgeon Crowd". You're excluded, of course! Yeah, letter jackets, white belts and shoes, lots of polyester. Dee Ann: Why do you say this about me, you adorable, little minx? Are you suggesting that I'm a bit wordy? Verbose? Overly articulate? Excessively expressive, perhaps?My father, and his father before him, and his fathers fatherbefore him, they were all, well, not writers. And, like my father, I'm not, also. However, my mother, whom had tremendous talent, wasn't either. So, as you might surmise, none of us were writers. I think, really, it's a sort of family tradition! Wes: Dee Ann wouldlike to know when you are going to complete the web page update (I have it from a highly placed source, that, Wes is on the brink of completingthe desired update, Dee Ann). Gerald:Thanks for the vote, buddy! I think we can win this "Least Changed",thing.Wejust need to get around thatwhole Paula "Eye Candy" McNeese issue... Donna:Just love it when a woman states she misses me! Ahh, life is good, again! By the way,are you the "Duckey", pardon, "Duckeyette"? Psst... watch out for McCann. She's packin' weapons. Remember Cheney? The rest of you Band Jockeys: Having difficulty selecting a favorite track, still? Here's bait selection two; Disk 6, Track 8, "Musicians Strike". Anyone recall the last musicians to leave the stage? Or, perhaps, this; Disk 11, Track 1, "Stop Making Comments, You're Diriving Us Nuts"! Wait, I hear voices. You hear voices?

From:   DonnaRodgers-Montgomery - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  8/9/2007  |  9:13:29 AM
Sherry, I'd love to go to Homecoming and UIL. Let us know where and when on UIL. Scott, we missed you at the reunion and would love to see you, so please plan to join us for Homecoming and the next get together. Gerald, we were sad that you couldn't make it to the reunion, but we will have another one before five more years pass by.

From:   Dee Ann - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  8/7/2007  |  6:13:16 PM
I think that attending the homecoming pep rally and the UIL contest are great ideas, Sherry. Scott, are you a writer, by profession? Wes, I won't EVEN ask about the progress of the pictures ..... ;)

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  8/7/2007  |  4:55:26 PM
I think playing at the Homecoming pep rally and/or football game would be great! But here's another thought--wouldn't it be fun to get as many of us as possible to go to UIL in 2008? That would be the 40th anniversary of when the the THS Band first "toddled out in its infancy" onto the marching contest field. I think it would be great fun!

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  8/7/2007  |  8:03:05 AM
Gee, I wish I could have made it to the reunion but business took me elsewhere. It sounds like you really had a good time. I have not seen Scott in a number of years, but I would be willing to go along with his presumption that he is the least changed. I, on the other hand, would probably not be recognized if you ran over me on the street. The years have not been kind to me. All of this really brings back some good memories from when I was in band and how hard we worked for Mr. Reavis (it's hard for me to call him Will because of the respect I owe him). Taking a band with only a couple of tubas, practicing in an echoing weight room and marching on a parking lot to a marching contest in a just a couple of months was a phenom. What was it, 4 steps between parking lot stripes instead of the 6 to 5 on the football field? I still have a tendacy to count my step while walking across a parking lot. It's great to hear that all of you are still kicking.

From:   ScottA. VanWyckhouse - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  8/7/2007  |  3:15:32 AM
For those of you that have not yet done so, order the CD set, now! You will not be disappointed. You'll laugh, you'll cry. It's an emotional and physical rush! Guaranteed! Folks, these kids were good... first whistle, day one, GOOD; the real deal! And, these kids were each and every one of you. No doubt by the time we hit stride, we were the envy of every director in the state. We had the brass, percussion and woodwind players and our depth of talent only grew. Will Reavis leveraged this talent with music scores to showcase it, and then, took it's full measure. He stretched us beyond our talent range until it wasn't. And then, he stretched us some more. The results were ( think phenom child prodigies) jaw dropping incredible!! Not one of you wavered. I think, in fact, you flourished. Is it any wonder you have accomplished so much in your lives and become leaders in your own right? Well, ok then, on a lighter note (pun for all you band jockeys), anyone like to muse an opinion on a favored track and why? Here's a starter...Disk 9, Track 1, Stars and Stripes Forever. Gotta love the purity of those piccolos, 'dem 'bones and basses. Also, there's a jewel, rarely heard, during our tenure. Anyone like to venture a guess? Anyone, at all...

From:   Terri Rodgers-Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  8/1/2007  |  10:47:06 PM
I KNEW it was only a matter of time before Wes got (conned, PAID, whatever) someone to challenge the alumni to join the Southlake community band. Well...I was at Trinity WAY after you guys (that's my story and I'm stickin to it), but I will be at the Southlake band rehearsal with my flute! It's at Dawson Middle school on Mondays. - Terri (Donna's baby sis)

From:   Ronnie Ford - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  8/1/2007  |  10:06:19 PM
Most of you don't know or remember me from Trinity, because you were gone or leaving by the year (71/72) I started, but you can see me there in the reunion photos, playing my trumpet. There were two of us playing trumpet and cornet, I'm the good looking guy on the end, the other guy is Wes.LOL Anyway, I am planning on driving the sixty or so miles from Terrell, where I work, to Southlake to rehearse with Wes and The Southlake Community Band. Our reunion ensemble stirred up the smoldering embers of desire in me to participate in a orchestal band again. I had forgotten how it sounds to be in the middle of all the music. You know what I am talking about, when you sit out front and listen, it sounds good, but when it is all around you and you are part out it....WOW!!! My challenge is to all of you that dare, dust off the instruments, borrow them from your kids or grandkids if you have to, but get them and come to Southlake Monday 08/06, 7:00 pm and lets play!!!! Maybe I'm bonkers but maybe we can get enough of us togather to play the Alma Mater at the Trinity Homecoming Pep Rally this year. Stranger things have happened! What do you think?

From:   ScottVan - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  7/29/2007  |  10:40:42 PM
Ok, ok! It's time to bring some fresh leadership to this whole least changed thing. I've viewed the pictures and read the commentaries and from a strictly unbiased and impartial perspective I would have to state unequivocally that the best candidate for least changed'' is, in fact, ME! And, in the absence of any evidence for contradiction, this remains my statement and I'm stickin' to it! I would add, however, that the ladies are all clearly as drop dead GEORGEOUS as I remember them to have been. All I'm prepared to say about you guys is that you surely married up in life! So, tighten up! Now, lets go find out Paula's secret...!

From:   DavidHale - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  7/29/2007  |  10:36:27 PM
To everyone who attended our reunion Thanks, it made our trip from California most enjoyable. A great job by Wes and all who helped. I would also say James and Paula were the least changed. My wife Shirley was so impressed with everyone, one of the best events she has attended. This type of reunion was well over due, for those who could not attend, ya missed a good one.

From:   DonnaRodgers-Montgomery - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  7/29/2007  |  2:00:44 PM
My vote for least-changed would have to be Paula McNeese. How did she keep from aging? Ha! Next would be Donna Wiegel, then Steve Yerby and James Wright. The main change I noticed in Gary Caughey was that he now has a "grown up" face rather than the little boy face that he sported in high school just the same, but a little more mature. (No, I did NOT say older.) As for myself, I look back at old pictures and try to remember what it was like to be so thin. Too bad, but happy anyway.

From:   RobertTaylor - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  7/28/2007  |  12:06:57 PM
I think Id also add Nancy Dykes to the list of least changed since high school. I think everybody pretty much looks and sounds like they did in high school, but maybe with more maturity, after you have a chance to talk to them and get your memory back in gear.

From:   RobertTaylor - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  7/28/2007  |  11:39:19 AM
I think I got my THS Band letter jacket in 1970. I still have it but I want to complain that it was apparently made of inferior materials. It still looks good but it appears to be about two inches too short in the sleeve and I cant get the buttons fastened in front!  While attending UNT, I played in the UNT Symphony Orchestra under Anshel Brusilow. Besides preparing music for concerts we also served as Mr. Brusilows conducting class ensemble. Graduate conducting students would work with us on various compositions. Mr. Brusilow was extremely helpful and provided the student conductors with many helpful ideas. We were playing a composition that had a particularly difficult horn passage and the student conductor was staring at the horn section, very intently, with an expression that said, Dont mess up! Dont mess up! Mr. Brusilow stopped the conductor when we got to a good stopping point and said, Never stare at the horn section. You will just make them mess up! Everybody got a good laugh out of that. It was kind of true though. Other than to queue us in, Mr. Brusilow usually didnt look at us and we, in turn, tried to not mess up. It worked out pretty well. Heres an extra description for the Reavis Holding Trophy picture Looks like Im thinking, Gee! I wish I had a trophy too!

From:   Will Reavis - Registered (Class ) Date Posted:  7/27/2007  |  10:17:47 PM
I Know, I know, It's French Horn NOT FREMCH HORN!! W.R.

From:   Will Reavis - Registered (Class ) Date Posted:  7/27/2007  |  10:04:59 PM
The least changed???? Need to add Gary Caughey, James Wright, Drum Majors Steve Yerby, Ray Keck........Robert Taylor looked taller, a little heavier, and had a bigger smile on his face because after 1972 he didn't have to hear me keep saying "Fremch horns! Listen, tune!!!! Ha!! Will Reavis

From:   Dee Ann Rickman-Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  7/27/2007  |  5:46:01 PM
Anyone care to comment on who they thought was the least changed since High School? My pics would have to be Robert Taylor and Paula McNeese.

From:   Nancy Dykes-Plumlee - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  7/20/2007  |  6:30:01 PM
The last time I played a bass clarinet was about 12 or 13 years ago. My daughter also played in high school. We bought her a bass clarinet & she had her school one. So, we sat down together one day & played. She was amazed at my most excellent tone. It was all I could do to get enough air through the horn to get that most excellent tone. I have my brother's old clarinet that's probably about the same age as me. So who knows? May drag it out one day. Thank you Lydia for all of your kind words. Who would've ever thought anyone would say I have a positive attitude? I do like everyone to know how much years it's been that I'm a cancer survivor. I've talked with so many people over the year's who've gone through the same thing or think they'll be going through it. I like for them to see that it is something that can be survived. I've enjoyed listening to the CD's & watching the DVD. I'm just so amazed that it's 14-18 year olds!! Yes, it's been quite a ride. I did have enough sense in high school to realize that & to just have a great time.

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  7/20/2007  |  5:02:05 PM
Ohhhh!! Are we supposed to be doing OTHER stuff????

From:   Lydia Reavis Date Posted:  7/20/2007  |  8:59:29 AM
AT LAST! I have waited to write to you, but I first wanted to read your comments to what I consider to be the "best day of my life"...July 14th, 2007,,,your reunion! It was thrilling to put faces and names (and instruments) together. For years, from my wonderful husband Will, I have listened to your INCREDIBLE concerts, heard the various "stories" about each one of you, and how the 1st Trinity High School Band and its traditions began. In 1968, a small but eager band of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and amazingly...NO SENIORS...laid the foundation for perhaps the best high school band in the country. Will provided you with your Motto of "Pride Without Dignity is Worthless!" and I heard the musical potential in the first recordings which steadily became the epitome of musical greatness and achievement experienced by very few. Never have I been more proud of Will and was elated that he finally was able to reconnect with all of you, thanks to Wes and his lovely wife Lucy! It should be OBVIOUS now to all of you how much admiration he has for all of you...the meticulously prepared scrapbooks, the many reel-to-reels of your music which he had converted to a 10 CD collection, his hilarious stories of his young, but extremely talented THS Band members, and how he created the THS Alma Mater and Fight Song. His goal was to lay a foundation of a new school that had the greatest band program ever in the whole country! Most directors are lucky to produce one CD per school year, but Will produced 10 CD's in 4 years and that wasn't even all the music you performed. Some tapes, unfortunately, disintegrated; football game music was not recorded, etc., but he kept the majority of the music for you to listen to some day. I have worked eagerly with Will and Wes to help organize this "long overdue" reunion. You may not know that I am the female "carbon copy" of Will (yes, we are very similar A-type personalities), as well as his best supporter. I experienced much of the same things mself starting in 1979, except mine was choral. Yes, I'm from the "dark side" (or the "double-dark side" as Wes likes to say) since I was a band member/clarinetist and a choral director. Instead of "the early years," my choral program at Jacksonville High School became "the middle years," where I completely reorganized their total choral department. Will and Wes have inspired me to get back in touch with my own choral students. Now if only I could find another Wes to design our new website! Hmm............ Will's and my 1st goals in life were and are: (1) to teach our students to teach themselves (2) to build the finest musical organizations possible, and (3) to lay the foundation for a lifetime appreciation of music for themselves and their families. We are THRILLED that so many of your are doing just that! Some have joined community bands and are playing on a regular basis (Wes, Gary, Robert, and several others soon to follow), singing careers (Donna), playing the bass guitar (Buddy), providing student high school band scholarships (Will, Lydia, and "Anonymous"), working with their kid's band booster club (Ruth), handbell experts (Sherry and Sheryl), striving musically for the best (Debbie), making the Arkansas All-State Band (Steve), teaching and playing the flute (Meira), helping his son learn to play the cornet (James), and supporting the arts and the local symphony (Dee Ann), etc. However, along the way, we are sometimes detoured from our paths in life due to illness of ourselves or others. Over 5 years ago, I had a brain aneurysm/cerebral hemorrhage and have had over 37 surgeries and procedures since then. I learned early in the game that I had to fight to live (plus I am one stubborn lady) and fortunately now I am getting ready to start a new choir. One of your bandmates (Thomas) is recovering from a serious motorcycle accident and needs your e-mails and prayers, so please contact him! Both Nancy and Gloria are cancer survivors and are to be commended for their positive attitudes! So, quit making excuses: "hustle" and get your band instruments out of the closet or else go buy yourself another instrument and join a community band! In the kind words of Scott: "Will: Thanks for all the support, mentoring, sacrifice, commitment and battles fought...It was quite a ride, wasn't it!" But, Scott and the rest of "The Early Years THS Band": the ride isn't's just beginning! "Hustle" and keep in touch! Your friend and admirer, Lydia Reavis

From:   Nancy Dykes-Plumlee - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  7/19/2007  |  2:24:39 PM
I guess we'll let you take a few days off!

From:   Wes Stewart - Registered (Class ) Date Posted:  7/19/2007  |  2:10:47 PM
You get to see the pics when I get time. You guys wore me out on the reunion. I have to get caught up on other stuff. Maybe I can work on that this weekend. Don't be so impatient Sherry. ha-ha

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  7/19/2007  |  11:50:33 AM
HEY!!! When do we get to see the pics????

From:   WillReavis - Registered (Class 1968-72) Date Posted:  7/17/2007  |  6:19:20 PM
SUCH A GREAT DAY! As the old gospel song goes: "Good News, The Chariot's A-Comin," but this time, the chariot was full of talented and excited "Early Year" Trinity High School Band members, spouses, friends, guests, etc.! It was more than just a great day, that Wes Stewart and many helpers staged for a FANTASTIC afternoon! In addition, the impromptu Wind Ensemble (some with more "wind" than others) did a great job on the THS Fight Song and Alma Mater. Saturday, July 14th, 2007, will be a day for all of us to remember in the years to come. The reconnection with old friends will always be with us. I hope we will be able to repeat this event in the near future...with even MORE band members and guests attending! You can help us with this by letting others know what a great time we all experienced! Part of the excitement was catching up on all that has happened over the many years since we last saw each other. It is so gratifying that so many of you have also made music a major part of your life and your family's life. Lydia and I want to thank all of you for attending the reunion and please know that this event will be a cherished event in our lives for many years to come. To those of you who purchased the ten CD recordings of the THS Bands, I know that you are thoroughly enjoying listening to the progress made through those first four years. Please understand that the recordings of the first marching band were done in mid=September, 1968, in the Athletic Weight Room (temporary Band Hall) with an old single-track recorder and a hand-held microphone. From there, the band gets progressively better!! It was truly a musical metamorphasis which is unbelievable!!! For those of you that failed to purchase the CD collection, please contact Wes for more information. You'll be missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, if you don't order them! Thanks so much for the many contest-event trophies, but especially for the 1972 U.I.L Sweepstakes Trophy that had been dedicated to me so many years ago. The framed Lifetime Membership Award will also find a special place in my music room. I was truly humbled by the participation of donations for the "Will Reavis THS Band Scholarship" fund that will be given to deserving and talented graduating seniors. If anyone failed to or would like to donate to this worthy cause, you may do so by sending a check to Wes. As I have said before, "I want to thank each one of you for being such a major part of my life!" Your director and friend, Will Reavis P.S. HUSTLE!!!!!!!

From:   Nancy Dykes-Plumlee - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  7/17/2007  |  5:56:26 PM
I'm sitting here listening to Festive Overture. One of my very favorites, but, guess what? I don't even remember playing it in high school!!!! I had such a great time on Saturday. Thank you Wes & Donna and whoever else helped for making it a great day. I especially want to thank Will for all of his great record keeping, memorabilia & recordings. It's been a long time to keep up with all of it. I really, really appreciate it. I've just started listening to the CD's & I'm thrilled. Can we start planning another? We'll help Wes, we promise!

From:   Gloria Montgomery - Registered (Class 1970) Date Posted:  7/17/2007  |  11:50:11 AM
Kudos to all those involved in organizing our reunion -- a very special thanks to Wes and Donna and the other volunteers who helped make July 14 one of the most memorable days in my life. It was so wonderful to see and chat with all of you. Yesterday, I was listening to the first CD (the 68-69 years)on my computer at work. My listening was interrupted when I had to participate in a "meet and greet" department tour outside of my office. I turned down the sound to barely audible--or so I thought--and joined the tour group discussion. Well, guess what! The music switched to a festive march, and all these heads begin turning to see where the music was coming from! They must have liked it because some of them were doing some toe-tapping! Just proves our music is timeless, and you don't have to have been a Trinity Trojan to enjoy it! Again, thanks to all of you for a wonderful reunion experience. I hope our reunion book can expand to an online presence and more of you will submit a memory book tidbit about yourself. Finally, I throughly enjoyed listening to our musical entertainment! It sure makes me want to re-learn the clarinet and join a community band. Can't wait to move back to Texas --SOON, VERY SOON!

From:   DonnaRodgers-Montgomery - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  7/16/2007  |  12:05:15 PM
Saturday was one of my favorite days EVER! It was good to see all of you. Great conversations. Great friends. Great memories. Great confessions. Ha ha. Even those of us no longer in the DFW area might show up for Homecoming, concerts, and casual get-togethers. Stay in touch. I love all of you.

From:   GaryCaughey - Registered (Class 1970) Date Posted:  7/16/2007  |  11:07:32 AM
What a day!! Since I see Wes every week at band rehearsal I might be more aware than many of you how much work he put in on this web site and the reunion. He did a first rate job and provided us with the opportunity for some priceless memories. My thanks to others too who made Saturday what it was. Donna you were great and I enjoyed the facts game. We might be geeks but we're an interesting bunch of geeks. The little reunion band was a blast from the past. It's been 37 years since we played together but I'm not sure it didn't sound better than that first awful afternoon at EJHS. Thanks WR for directing us. And thanks for making it all possible. Without you there would not be a THSBandTheEarlyYears and no need for a reunion. I watched the DVD Saturday night and I would say this about that first contest in '68, at least what I could see beyond the tears rolling down my cheeks - that band that day would earn a First Division at any contest, any where, any year. And has there ever been a classier drum major than Yerby? The CDs sound great without all the scratches. What a first class program we started and grew into. Our reunion was equal to our legacy. It was great to see all of you. Just one last question. Who were all those old people?

From:   SherryWheeless-Colgrove - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  7/16/2007  |  10:01:13 AM
Hey everyone, I had a great time too! I posted a blog in the forum about my thoughts and recollections, so hope you will stop in there and add yours. For those of us in the DFW area, lets get together again sometime, maybe at Trinity Homecoming or marching contest or at the Southlake Community Band concert!! We don't have to wait for another reunion! Hell, we all like each other, lets get together again real soon!

From:   Dee Ann Rickman-Jones - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  7/15/2007  |  7:30:28 PM
The reviews are in and it is official: The Reunion was a HUGE success! Thanks be to Wes, Lucy, June & Donna for all of their hard work. Donna, you did a great job on (with?) your speech and your oratory talent lent a humorous element to the occassion. Thankfully, I didn't learn until after the event that you had announced to God & everybody,while playing the trivia game, that I was single. (Your check's in the mail). I'm sorry that your nose horns weren't more appreciated. I hope that we all keep in touch and not let so much time pass. Wes is right - life's too short and you CAN eat pizza w/out cheese! Dee Ann

From:   Robert Taylor - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  7/15/2007  |  12:23:16 PM
I enjoyed seeing everyone at the reunion yesterday. Wes, Donna, Will and Lydia and everyone else who put this together: Y'all did a great job! I've been going through the goody bag and looking at the registered alumni list to remember who all was there. I'm sorry we didn't have more French Horn players. I practiced the music and scales and was ready to challenge for 1st chair. What a disappointment!

From:   Debbie Lucas - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  7/15/2007  |  9:34:45 AM
Wes. You did an absolutely wonderful job. The setting with plenty of mingling space, the food that could be got when wanted, the goody bag with all the thrills of the past that took you back to the time that was filled with memories too numerous to sort out all at once. Most of all the opportunity to get reaquainted with the guy that touched and changed all of our lives, Will Reavis. Thanks for all of you hard work. It was a blast.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  7/14/2007  |  8:51:30 PM
Hey Boys and Girls, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did today. Maybe we did not know each other in school, but we all have something in common and that was and hopefully is still the love of concert band music. I enjoyed talking with each of you and hope those of you that no longer play may consider giving it a try again. It was fun playing today and maybe next time we can add more of you to the group. Over the next few weeks those of us that took pictures will share and compile a bunch of photos to make available to everyone. I will let you know when we get something ready.

From:   RonnieFord - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  7/14/2007  |  8:36:31 PM
Thank you, Wes, for putting this together, for not only Mr. Reavis but all of us. Ann and I had a great time and are looking forward to the next one. I enjoyed our impromptu ensemble, which didn't sound all that bad!! Let's "HUSTLE!!!" and start planning the next one!

From:   GayHarpole-Hess - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  7/14/2007  |  5:25:10 PM
Hey Ya'll!!!!(The Texan coming out in me) I had the BEST time at the Reunion. It was SO awesome seeing everyone and catching up with each other. Brought back some GREAT memories. Great to see all of you and wish you all the best!!! Gay

From:   DonnaRodgers-Montgomery - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  7/6/2007  |  10:15:31 PM
There is still time to submit to me an interesting fact about yourself for our "getting reaquainted" activity. If you haven't already done so, send something odd, funny, noteworthy, awesome, or "other" about yourself. Then we will try to guess who matches each quirk or accomplishment. Email me at Looking forward to getting together next weekend!

From:   Donna Wiegel Earley Date Posted:  7/4/2007  |  10:03:01 AM

From:   Scott Van Wyckhouse - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  6/25/2007  |  1:07:06 AM
Perhaps it's a mental fog stemming from that whole sex, drug, rock n' roll thing but most of my memories are Lake Woebegone like. You know the kind...where all the Nerds were exceptionally talented (oops, this would technically make them Geeks, wouldn't it?), all the gals were pretty and of independent mind and all the guys were strong and fiercely competitive. However, one thing I recall with sure and certain crystal clear clarity is this...where ever and when ever we set foot into a Stadium or Concert Hall, WE OWNED IT! Thanks, Mr. Reavis, for all the support, mentoring, sacrifices, commitment, and battles fought, thanks.

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  6/19/2007  |  9:50:05 AM
The reunion is less than a month away. Please send in your registration now. Also I need your memory book submission right away. Even if you are not going to make the reunion we would love to have your submission for the memory book. What a great way to reunite with old friends even though you can't attend. I have a lot of work to do for the reunion and getting a headstart on these will be a big help. See you at the reunion on July 14, 2007

From:   Nancy Dykes-Plumlee - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  5/21/2007  |  9:22:08 PM
Yes Rhonda, people always like to have parties at my house because it was in the woods. I was a little bitty thing in jr. high but you were even more little bitty than me! Oh, I have so many Norm White stories!!!!! Hope you can make it to the reunion.

From:   RhondaSmith-Hicks - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  5/1/2007  |  1:20:05 PM
I didnt go to Trinity, (I went to that school down the road - Bell - 72) so, Ill explain why Im registering and posting. I was in the Central band during the Norman White years with several of the Charter Members of the Trinity Band. While I wasnt a Trojan as a student, I have two children that graduated from Trinity. Our daughter, Amanda, graduated in 2000 and was on the gymnastics team. Our son, Nathan, graduated in 2006 and was in the Trinity Trojan Band. In fact, music lives onhe just finished his freshman year at Texas State University in San Marcos as a Music major and member of the Bobcat Marching Band and Symphonic Wind Ensemble. While Nathan was in the band at Trinity, my husband, Randy, and I were officers in the Booster Club, which led to my part-time position in the band hall. One of my duties was assisting John Donner in planning the Directors of Bands Concert and Reception in May, 2006. It was during this process that I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Will. Ive had many wonderful conversations with Will and heard some great stories about The Early Years. Im thrilled for all of you that Wes put together the website and you can all re-connect. I love seeing familiar names: Hi Paula McNeese - I think of you every time I go down Pipeline and look up to your house. And if my memory serves me correctly, Nancy Dykes - didnt we have a band party at your house - and go snipe hunting? Thanks Wes for the invitation to register and to the reunion. I know itll be a great day for all that are able to attend.

From:   DonnaRodgers-Montgomery - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  4/9/2007  |  2:48:25 PM
I have only known about this Website a few days, and already I am excited that it's here. Wes, thanks for helping us reconnect with old friends. Will (and it feels cool to call you by your first name), thanks for remembering us and getting excited about this electronic way to catch up. I remembered some stories from way back then and posted them to the "Community Forum" section from the Home page. As I think of more, I'll post them as well. And to my sister Terri, thanks for sending me this link. I look forward to seeing all of you at the band reunion -- the reunion of my friends, not just one of those "year" reunions where you don't know whether you will know anyone or not. See you soon, Donna

From:   Terri (Rodgers) Bright - Registered (Class 1980) Date Posted:  4/6/2007  |  2:49:34 PM
This site is so cool! I graduated from Trinity in 1980. The current site only concentrates on the band's history during the Donner years. My sister, Donna (Rodgers) Montgomery was also one of the THS charter band members on Sax. I'm going to send her the link to this site.

From:   BruceWaite - Registered (Class 1971) Date Posted:  3/31/2007  |  11:08:45 PM
Thanks again Wes for getting this all together and doing such a great job. It's great to get "together" again via the website, if not actually in person, and hear from some friends and bandmates after many, many years. The background info and comments here from Will's friends past and present, and even a current student were most interesting. Will, I really look forward to hearing from you. By far, my high school memories center around our band experiences. To this day, though I'm now far removed here in San Diego, two of my dearest friends are Buddy and Gay (Harpole) Hess. Regarding my high school years in general, well, let's say I was an underachiever! But the achievements we had in the band really were something to be proud of. They gave us a sense of accomplishment that many of us would not have had outside of Band. And you were the "rock." You helped put a little more structure in our lives, and we probably picked up some of your dedication, patience and perseverance along the way. So thanks for that! It was really great to re-live some of the memories from those very first days at THS through the comments and Wes' research. I get to Texas once or twice a year, and I don't know if I can make the reunion. But I'd be happy to hear from any of you by e-mail.

From:   JohnCaldwell - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  3/1/2007  |  10:30:41 AM
What a great site! I would like to thank Wes Stewart for creating a place to reconnect with a time and place that was a major influence in so many of our lives. High school band was so much more than the music we played.It gave students entering high school a place to belong. Most of my closest friends during those years were band members. My band journey began at Central Junior High directed by Norman White. A man who liked to make his point by jabbing a cigarette stained index finger in your chest. There was nothing like having a heavy smoker pick up your instrument and play it (sax in my case) then hand it back to you. A time when the junior high band had uniforms and marched at football games. Moving on to Trinity was somewhat intimidating. I was a 14 year old sophmore beginning in 1971 lucky enough to have an older brother and sister in the band. My first year included the trip to Mexico. Somewhere I have a few pictures. I recall a bus full of very large sombreros, black velvet paintings of bullfighters, and in my case a stinky leather jacket with all the fringe. Ahh yes, good times. I think we all learned that school year not to wear white pants and boxers to a band party when a black light was present. The band parties during those years were great. I also recall a few good after hour "tackle" football games on the practice field. A practice field that saw hours of mass band practice for a Cotton Bowl half-time show. I think that year we marched in the parade in Dallas...behind horses. I am looking foward to a reunion. I hope to see some old friends, or at least hear from some of you through the miracle of the internet.

From:   Wes Canaday Date Posted:  2/21/2007  |  1:34:22 PM
I was in Will's private studio when I was in college. I'm loving that drum major picture!!! I'd love to hear stories of Mr. Reavis when he was a HS teacher...

From:   Brookelyn Skiver Date Posted:  2/10/2007  |  12:08:23 PM
Hey. This is my first year to be with Mr. Reavis. I am in 8th grade and he tought me to play a class one solo and just last night I played it for solo and ensemble and I got a 1. And I just wanted to let all you guys know that he is the best instructor ever!!!!!!!!!!! See you THURSDAY Mr. Reavis

From:   Lou Harvey Date Posted:  2/1/2007  |  2:41:14 PM
What a fabulous web site! I happened upon it by accident while looking for information on the Putnam City Schools site. All of a sudden there came up a picture of my longtime friend, Will Reavis!! It caught me by great surprise!! I, too, graduated from the original Putnam City High School, and was a member of the band for six years, playing the bassoon. I also participated with Will in the Oklahoma City University orchestra, all-state band and all-state chorus events. Seeing all of Will's musical accomplishments prompted me to congratulate him by phone, and we enjoyed a lengthy conversation (the first phone conversation in probably 35 years!) I've enjoyed reading comments on this web site and can tell that Will has brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people (and probably a little bit of unhappiness too, knowing him well!) He always had that special bit of energy and "spunk" to take on a challenge. I send best wishes for the great success of this creative web site. May it accomplish all you hope for as you gather your rosters, photos, recordings and various other materials. Sincerely, Lou Harvey Sweetwater, TX

From:   GloriaMontgomery - Registered (Class 1970) Date Posted:  1/3/2007  |  1:18:09 PM
What a great idea! Thank you so much, Wes, for your efforts in creating this website. I have had little contact with my classmates since I left Texas in 1980 because we (the first graduating class of Trinity) had one reunion and that was it. This is an excellent start in reconnecting with old friends. It was nice to see Mr. Longwell's comments about our early band days --he was my band director at Bell before Mr. Reavis and the rest of us went to Trinity. When I was in Texas during the holidays, I drove by the old marching fields and was just amazed at how we endured those hot summer marching days!! I do not miss the marching aspect of band one bit. I recently tried to play a note on my old 1957 clarinet but after huffing and puffing on the horn, I just got a honk out of it! After retiring from 20 years in the Navy as a photojournalist, I am living in Kansas City working for a major veterans' organization. Although I never spent a day on a ship, I did live in Tokyo, the Philippines, San Diego, Washington DC, Italy and Sicily. Had a wonderful career, but am glad to have gotten out when I did. I also want to proudly add that I am a 1-year Breast Cancer survivor!! Am anxious to hear from you all!

From:   Carol Caldwell-Kincaid - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/25/2006  |  10:52:56 PM
I was so happy to find this site! My brother, David, got the postcard and I wrote down the info. As soon as I got home I looked it up. So many names of friends I've thought about over the years. We had so much fun and accomplished so much together. The main thing I remembered was having PRIDE instilled in us and learning what made a superior band...and we were a superior band! Thanks Mr. Reavis!! I've been in band ever since. Either with my band director spouse or my three band member kids! It's been a great time....I still get a thrill when I go to band contests. Got one this weekend! Hope to hear from all you band nerds soon. Love ya! Carol ps. Mark Jarrett still tells the story about holding Tony Tilford upside down in the top of the stands at the Gopher Bowl to make a V with his legs........and the look on Mr. Reavis' Face!!!!!! and other such memories.

From:   Jerre D. Cox Date Posted:  9/24/2006  |  6:44:08 PM
I have just completed looking at your early years home page. This was sent to me by my friend and your past director, Mr. Will Reavis. You see, I played with Will (pardon the familiarity) at Putnam City High School in Oklahoma City in the year AD1955-56. He was our drum major and what a performance he put on at each and every game and contest. He was perfect for the position and there were times that I thought that his Fez was going to touch the ground because of his ability to bend backward. Priceless are my memories of Will, as I am sure yours of his directorship at Trinity High School. I have always said that "seed well planted with bring forth fruit for many, many years", and that is what I have been witness to as I have gone through your webpage. That Will planted seeds of professionalism and desire, commitment and enjoyment, that will live forever in your minds and hearts. Congratulations to you, Mr. Reavis, and to those with whom you contacted while in your tenure at Trinity. My name is Jerre D. Cox and I live about 15 miles from Will in east Texas.

From:   John Sheppard - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  9/22/2006  |  8:50:13 PM
"If I don't teach you anything else, I am going to teach you responsibility" Words that were burned into my memory Mr. Reavis. You were the right man for the time and I am proud to be part of that time in the Bands history. Lessons in marching on hot August days came in handy when the USMC got ahold of me. I never failed an inspection for soiled footwear. NEVER

From:   GeraldHouy - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/20/2006  |  1:32:02 PM
I had forgotten most of what was in the documents section. I did not remember going through Three Rivers and I ended up living down there for about a year an a half in 1984-85. I think the website is a great idea and appreciate all the work that went into it. I especially appreciate all the hard work that Mr. Reavis did for us as director. He made our band something different from the run of the mill bands that were marching in those days. I personally hate the way that todays bands have rolled downhill to be nothing but a bunch of "musicians" walking around on the field waving flags and making designs. I still remember all the time and work you put in for us, Mr. Reavis. Thanks again.

From:   Jerry Longwell, Fine Arts Director (retired) Date Posted:  9/14/2006  |  3:22:17 PM
What a great idea, Wes!! Thanks for doing this. I have always taken great pride in what Will Reavis and all of his students accomplished at Trinity. You laid a foundation for many, many years of great bands and started a tradition of excellence at THS that puts thousands of students in your debt. I am proud to say that I still have a plaque on my wall at home that shows me as the "First Honorary Member" of the Trojan Band. As Fine Arts Director, I had full confidence that Will would do a great job in getting the THS Band going in the right direction, and he did just that. I had the priviledge of working with him in the Bell High School Band Program prior to his appointment to the Trinity position, and knew that he had the talent and the commitment to build a powerhouse band from the ground up. Of course, he was fortunate to have some exceptional students, supportive parents, and a community that wanted a good band at Trinity. Those early rehearsals in a room that was over-crowded, over-heated, and an accoustical disaster, made us all wonder if we could survive. But even in the face of those early problems, it was clear that the band was going to succeed. If you were not there to watch it happen, and hear it happen, you might not believe how difficult that beginning was, because in spite of it, the band was good right from the first performance, and never looked back. Lots of changes have occured since those years. Many honors and awards have been showered on the Trojan Band, and every one of them was well-deserved. But the fact is that none of that would have happened without the groundwork done by Will and the students throughout those early years. I am honored to have played some part in it and am thankful to all of you who paid the price to start the great tradition of pride and success that has been such a wonderful benefit to so many students since.

From:   StevenNash - Registered (Class 1972) Date Posted:  9/13/2006  |  10:43:13 PM
Thank you Wes for sending me the card. I had to get out my annual to look at pictures of former classmates to remember some of them. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and at other times it seems like a long long time ago.

From:   GaryCaughey - Registered (Class 1970) Date Posted:  9/5/2006  |  3:09:33 PM
I'm one of the two "move-in" juniors that Reavis refers to in the "Early History" section. After a couple of summer rehearsals I too wondered what I had gotten myself into. I am the only one registered so far from the earliest of the early years and let me tell you our director was a prince for not throwing in the towel, and for not throwing things at us. Boy did we come a long way in a short time. Thanks Wes for putting this website on the net. It's really taking shape nicely and will be a fine tribute to the one who started it all and for those of us who walked the talk behind him.

From:   NancyCurtis - Registered (Class Friend) Date Posted:  9/4/2006  |  5:29:44 PM
I actually graduated from Irving High School. I have 7 children, our second youngest daughter, 18 year old Sara, was a private clarinet student of Will Reavis for 4 years, here in East Texas. Sara is a three time TMEA All-State Band member. She just started college as a music/education major at Stephen F. Austin State University with help, in part, by both music and academic scholarships. Sara is a very good musician but without the dedicated help of Will, I don't think if she would have accomplished so much in her high school music career. We think of Will as an excellent clarinet teacher and a wonderful, caring friend that we are so lucky to have in our lives.

From:   Will Reavis - Registered (Class 1968-72) Date Posted:  9/3/2006  |  11:19:54 PM
I hope you will enjoy the website that Wes is building for ALL of us. I've enjoyed the e-mail contact I've been having with the students that I taught between 68 and 72. Really great to find that many of you are still playing. I'm living in Tyler Tx. and still teaching Clar. & Sax at UT Tyler. I would like to hear from you. Best Regards Will

From:   WesStewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  9/3/2006  |  9:55:21 PM
Will has sent the original reel to reel tapes containing over 100 recordings that we band members made during his four years at THS to be converted to digital so we can make those available to any and all band members.

From:   Wes Stewart - Registered (Class 1974) Date Posted:  8/31/2006  |  7:30:31 AM
Hello everyone! I decided to create this site after Mr. Reavis sent me nearly 100 pages of documents from our 1971-72 season. I wanted to make that information available to all of my band mates. After going to Tyler and spending the afternoon with Mr. Reavis (oh, he gets mad if we call him Mr. Reavis so call him Will, we don't want demerit drills do we?), I changed my approach and wanted to make it a history site. It is not everyday that you can get the history from the creator and we are all part of that history as we truly helped build the band program. I encourage you to pass the site to other band mates and your comments are welcomed.

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